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1000 squats or a walk in nature

I just want to share a short story with you that made me feel proud, inspired and makes me want to continue doing the things I love. At the end of June Take Shape Adventures took three inexperienced hikers on their first overnight walk through the beautiful forests of central Victoria. With the steep day one and reports of possible snow they were all a little nervous, however they all hiked up the mountain, set up their own campsite, visited the drop toilets, ate from a campfire, slept in tents, braved the cold morning and walked back down the mountain again. Pretty much once they started, they never looked back, and I’m sure they are all smiling from the memories now. But the actual story I want to tell is that on the way down one person looked at their fitbit and announced very proudly that she had done over 25,000 steps “this is the highest number of steps I’ve ever done”. She was amazed, it wasn’t because a trainer had made her, or because she needed to do ‘a thousand squats’, she had done it because she could and that made all the difference to her sense of accomplishment. We all know being in nature is good for you and makes you feel awesome and happy and all the while getting fit. So as I congratulated her and walked down, I thought a new motto could be getting fit in nature beats 1000 squats any day…. Don’t get me wrong I love the gym, I own one. However we can all benefit from getting fit in nature, and its proven that you are happier, smarter and healthier because of it. So remember to get book in some time to get your activity outdoors this weekend.