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Best Walk – Mt Anne

My vote for Australia’s top walk.

Walking Tasmania
Can you name the top walk in Australia? The list would be pretty big but my contender is a striking overnight walk south-east Tasmania, called Mt. Anne. This ambitious and exposed walk takes you from near the shores of Lake Pedder up steep dolomite cliffs and sends you scrambling along incredible ridge lines past the windblown natives that struggle to hold on to the few inches of soil.

I was only 19 when I did this walk and it was a big step for me to be in Tasmania with a group of left wing environmental uni students exploring the incredible treks that Tassie has to offer. Hiding our van in the bushes while we walked, filling up rucksacks with two minute noodles as we dashed from one walk to the next, and completing the Mt. Anne circuit in the perfect weather required to surmount this gem.

The best part of this walk for me was the rock scrambling, if you love a walk that has cairns to follow because there is no track then this is it! Camping on a ledge with a towering dolomite mountain above you just makes you stare in amazement at how the earth can make those shapes!

I had the luck of being with a more seasoned walker from Tassie who knew the route and we managed to haul our rucksacks up the ledges to the summit without mishap. The view from the top out over Lake Pedder is worthy of coffee table books and big wall prints – jump online and get a picture as your desktop image for this week. It will inspire you.
I’ve recently read other blogs where people have made numerous attempts to reach the summit. so being 19 i hadn’t even considered whether it was possible or not – I just went. Every now and then I have to remind myself that I’ve still got the ability to just have a go and see what happens…

This walk also gets my nod for the best walk because of its toilet. There are probably thousands of pit toilets in Australia, but I think only one where you walk around the toilet, plonk down and stare out a window (which is now at eye height!) across the vast expanse and splendor of southern Tasmiania.

I’m lucky I had that opportunity to explore Tasmania in my youth but also realise that it’s never too late to continue that exploration. Sure Tassie can be cold and windy, but it can also delight, inspire and when you have challenged yourself, it can make the experience something to treasure.

Take Shape Adventures is now my opportunity to show you the wonders of the opposite corner of Tasmania, so join in now and get yourself some adventurous memories.