Bunyip Rocks

The Legend of the Bunyip!

Beware of the Bunyip, a dark furry animal with a round face, small ears and fiery eyes that glow in the dark!
According to the Aboriginal people, the Bunyip or “Buneep” (as spelt on early maps which show the river, first cattle run and township) is a spirit that punishes bad people.
Local Aboriginal people believed the Bunyip lived in the swamps of the Bunyip River, and therefore avoided the area. Many early settlers, believing this story, never pitched their tents near a ‘Bunyip hole’. People were also careful not to make ripples when collecting water. This upset the Bunyip.

Come along and visit this magical place located on Melbourne's doorstep. 

This great walk, combined with our fantastic food and the social connections on all our events, ensures you have simply the best a weekend can offer.

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  • 4 hrs  - 14km walk
  • Walk Grade 3. See description here
  • This walk has a decent climb, good views and non-technical track surface
  • Nice walking tracks and scenery
  • Homemade delicious lunch and snacks
  • Experienced and qualified guides, first aid, insurance.
  • Park entrance fees

Location and Departure Time:

  • 9am meeting time.
  • Mortimer Picnic Ground, Gembrook
  • On the Gembrook-tonimbuk Rd, approximately 1km east of the intersection with Crichton Road.
  • Look out for the Take Shape Adventures banner


  • Individual transport arrangements - Carpooling is recommended

What to bring:

  • Drink bottle, or at least 1ltr for cooler weather and two bottles on a hot day.
  • Walking clothes, we generally recommend shorts or light pants with layers for your upper body.
  • Sturdy shoes, walking boots or runners
  • Medication, camera etc
  • A waterproof jacket in case of poor weather
  • A small backpack