Cathedral Ranges – Northern Circuit

cathedral ranges

Cathedral Ranges - Northern Circuit

Rising steeply from the plains north of Melbourne, the Cathedral Ranges are a prominent sight when travelling north. Visualise sitting atop the peak, gazing out over Victoria’s mountain ranges and feeling euphoric at having made the ascent. This can be you!
Starting from The Farmyard, our trail ascends steeply between the imposing cliffs of the North and South Jawbone. From Neds Saddle we now undulate along the ridgeline experiencing spectacular views and exhilaration at the rocky and winding trail.

This is a sensational walk along the challenging and rewarding razorback, plus you get to enjoy a yummy healthy lunch perched on a cliff edge while gazing at the scenery. You'll be feeling inspired and proud of your achievements as we make our steady descent and follow the river back to our start point.

This GRADE 4 walk involves a significant amount of technical walking and requires a little more agility and stability.

This is your opportunity to use that fitness. Why workout if you have no goal - make this your goal and we’ll help you achieve it. Challenge yourself and bring your fitness to life!

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  • 7 hrs  - 14km walk
  • Walk Grade 4. See description here
  • This walk has a decent climb, good views and technical walking
  • Excellent scenery
  • Homemade delicious lunch and snacks
  • Experienced and qualified guides, first aid, insurance.
  • Park fees

Location and Departure Time:

  • 9am meeting time
  • Cooks Mills Camp Ground, Cathedral Ranges
  • Drive past Buxton heading away from Melbourne.
  • Turn right onto Cathedral lane.
  • Turn right onto Little River Rd
  • Head along dirt road until it crosses the second bridge
  • Look for the Take Shape Adventures banner


  • Individual transport arrangements - Carpooling is recommended

What to bring:

  • Drink bottle, or at least 1ltr for cooler weather and two bottles on a hot day.
  • Walking clothes, we generally recommend shorts or light pants with layers for your upper body.
  • Sturdy shoes, walking boots or runners
  • Medication, camera etc
  • A waterproof jacket in case of poor weather
  • A small backpack