Do you ever think back to childhood and remember doing things that you find hard to imagine doing now? At the time did you even think twice? As kids we didn’t calculate risk or fear failure like we do now as adults. What we tend to do is choose the option that is familiar and one that provides a sense of security. We get caught up in our routine where we know exactly what’s coming next and where there is a low level of risk and anxiety. This place is our comfort zone, where we feel safe and at ease. Everyone’s comfort zone is different and everyone experiences different fears, but the outcomes of staying inside or stepping outside of your comfort zone is the same.

Fear has a place in everyone’s lives, it’s what you choose to do about your fears that determines where you are placed in relation to your comfort zone. Keeping fear at a distance places you right inside your comfort zone where there is certainty and familiarity. With this can come a lack of motivation and creativity which will prevent you from learning more about yourself and what you’re capable of.

Facing your fears and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone provides inspiration, develops resilience and makes life less predictable and more exciting. Taking on new challenges and adventures keeps you focused and constantly achieving what you set out to do. It’s this feeling of accomplishment that triumphs over fear. Testing yourself will help you understand more about your character and prepare you for those times in life where you are forced outside of your comfort zone and are required to face change and doubt.

The people around you often influence your behaviour and can contribute both positively and negatively to your fears. Surrounding yourself with a supportive group of people will have a significant impact on the risks you are willing to take in order to leave the space in which you feel safe. Encouragement from the people around you is what you need to take the first step. They will believe in you and you will start to believe in yourself. Share with them your victories and defeats, knowing that with both come lessons that will help you grow.

Find yourself a supportive network and take on what you never imagined you could. The benefits will be life changing. ​