Invest in Yourself

Ever really wanted to do something, but thought you don’t have the time or more to the point, it seems too expensive? And yet you are happy to invest in a new car, take away dinners, golf clubs or shoes you probably don’t need? Meanwhile, you feel agitated or stressed because you just aren’t getting the chance to do something for yourself, or even eat healthily.

The answer is to invest in yourself.

It seems self-indulgent, or even hard to justify sometimes, especially when you have a mortgage or kids, but investing in yourself isn’t just about money, it is also about time.

Why is it so hard to give up just one weekend, or even a single day, to get out there, feel the sun on your face and inhale deeply fresh air. With no phone, no obligations and no responsibilities perhaps an adventure is all you need to suddenly feel re-energised, instead of waking up feeling burnt out day in, day out.

A part of the reason Take Shape Adventures does what it does is to allow people to invest in their own happiness, calmness or even mental health. Our adventures focus on wellness as well as getting you out of out comfort zone. We practice mindfulness in each and every hike or trip, and these small techniques are easy for you to transition back into even the busiest of lifestyles. Sometimes mindfulness is as simple as being in nature and hearing the wind on the trees rather than the honking of horns in traffic.

With all this in mind, spend a few days stressing around the office, family, housework, traffic, and ask yourself, is it really so self-indulgent to invest some time in your own wellbeing?