Wilsons Promontory – Refuge Cove. Grade 3. 18 & 16km

Refuge Cove Overnight Hike. Grade 3. 14 & 16km Days

This walk is one of the most well known beach destinations in Australia and visits not one, but four amazing beaches! Orange and white granite sands, superb coastal tracks and secluded campsites. 

Starting from the high point of Telegraph Saddle, you head off on the long downhill through the centre of the Wilsons Promontory National Park then head off towards our first beach, Waterloo Bay. This white beach is a great place for lunch before we make the climb over Kersops Peak and glimpse the shimmering turquoise waters of Refuge Cove. The campsite is lovely spot and the narrow beach is quiet and stunning. An early start sees up climb over the next headland before making our way across Sealers Creek (hopefully at low tide) before a nice long lunch on the equally delightful Sealers Cove. With the ocean calming those tired feet, we head off on the last section back along a boardwalk before making the steady climb back to the start.

This great walk, combined with our fantastic food and the social connections on all our events, ensures you have simply the best a weekend can offer.

Suitable for both beginner and the more experienced hiker, we can assist with a range of equipment needs, transport and planning so you don’t have to worry.

We have a handy checklist to give you an idea of what items are needed. 

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  • 4-5 hr walk with views each day
  • 16km day one, 14km day two
  • Four amazing beaches
  • Homemade delicious dinner, lunches and snacks
  • Experienced and qualified guides

Location and Departure Time:

  • Yanakie General Store
  • 9am meeting time.
  • Before we start, we'll go over packs and gear etc.
  • Walk departs the hiker carpark at Tidal River at 10:00am
  • Walk Grade 3. See description here