Lake Tali Karng

This is an amazing walk and a true High Country Experience. 16 river crossings, plenty of up and downs, rocky rails, lots of Australian bush and great scenery. In fact the first 12km along the river was probably up there as one of our favorite walks. As you walk up the river valley, the water gets colder and narrower, but considering we generally have this as a summer walk, then we love getting into the water at every opportunity. There are also a number of fantastic camping areas along the way right adjacent to the river. However the last 6km section of the walk to the lake itself was incredibly hard, with tricky navigation and a steep technical track.

This is an intermediate-hard walk, there is a chance that we won't make it the full length of the track to the lake. Although the lake is the destination, the walk along the river is definitely the highlight and we always make the absolute most of this beautiful feature. At minimum this is a long 12km walk and if we get to camp and set up with time to spare then we consider undertaking the last section of the walk sans rucksacks.

Suitable for intermediate to experienced hikers, and we can assist with a range of equipment and planning so you don’t have to worry.

We have a handy checklist to give you an idea of what items are needed. 

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  • 5-7 hrs walk with views each day
  • Either 12 or 21km day one, with 12km on day two
  • Hikers only camping and incredible mountain experience
  • Homemade delicious dinner, lunches and snacks
  • Experienced and qualified guides

Location and Departure Time:

  • Meeting time and location will be confirmed with participants.
  • Walk Grade 5. See description here