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Salad Recipe Book

At the end of our adventures, people are always asking for our salad recipes to make at home. So here it is our first recipe book. 

Tracey Wright
Simple and easy recipes made with everyday ingredients

Over 35
Super Salad Recipes

The salads in this book are quick, easy, nutritious and can be designed to cater for any tastes or needs. Salads are a great way to bulk up a dinner or a healthy lunch in summer. They are a way to add more vegetables to your diet, as they make a fantastic meal on their own or can be used as an ideal side dish. The best bit about a salad recipe is that there is endless room for creativity if you don’t like a certain ingredient. A salad bowl is your canvas and you are the artist! In true TSA style – you just have to do it! There are no hard and fast rules on how to make the best salad, it’s just up to you to get in there and make it!

Order a hardcopy or download the digital copy

Our story is not so different to many of you. We discovered a desire to be healthy, fit and strong because of our own experiences battling with weight gain and loss, busy lifestyles and families. You can purchase and down the digital copy for only $ 11.99 or order a hard copy version delivered to you for $18.00

Featuring a how to on mason jar salads

Mason jars, a fun way to transport your salads. The glass jar keeps them nice and fresh and you can eat your salad straight out of the mason jar, or pour it in so a bowl.

  • Make healthy eating easy
  • Save your time and let us handle the details.
  • Curated by our nutritionist Tracey Wright