Social Hiking

Social walking is the key to your happiness.

We evolved from living in the outdoors in social groups and have now formed isolated societies. As we get older our social groups get smaller, and this is particularly relevant for men.
Walking is not the best form of exercise to lose weight, but are we not forgetting other benefits of getting out in the fresh air and socialising with others. Building new friendships at any age, and sharing life experiences and bonding.

Depression affects 1 in every 3 Australians. As we spend more time indoors our perceived pressure and anxiety are on the increase.

Getting outdoors with friends or in a social group is just what the doctor should be ordering. The benefits of walking and exercising are well documented, but doing it in a group feeling connected.
There are few other exercises where you can talk connect and share a story or a laugh.
Teach your children to love the outdoors, as we steadily moving towards an isolated society that is highly educated but miserable with increased depression and anxiety.
Maybe we need to revisit what we want for our kids…
Make sure you plan and prepare

So plan your next adventure, find some friends that you can
spend time with.
If you’re not sure where to go or where to start, or just need to borrow some friends, then book into our next walk.