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Spartan Racing

Five months ago I set a goal to complete the Spartan 42km, 70+ obstacles “Ultra Beast” race. Arguably one on the biggest races I have done so far! Since then, my faithful sidekick and I have been training – we have ran, kicked the kids off the monkey bars so we could use them, ran, enduring cramps while climbing over walls, looked peculiar running around the block carrying heavy medicine balls in our hands and doing burpees every km…


Last Saturday the 12th September, all the training paid off and the Take Shape Adventures team did it, and smashed it in an incredible time of 6:52!


Eight years ago I was over 100kg and couldn’t do a push-up or run anywhere. And certainly standing there on the start line there were so many doubts going through my head, not the least which was ‘What am I doing!’ There were also many times during the seven hours when lots of sucking it up was needed, especially as we passed through freezing water which was cold enough to make you hyperventilate, not just once but 8 times. We lifted and carried 55kg medicine balls, walked up and down steep hills with 20kg sandbags, crossed monkey bars and ran! So many hours later and definitely a lot wetter and muddier we crossed the line. WE DID IT!


The sense of accomplishing any activity that pushes you a out of your comfort zone always gives the biggest endorphin rush and sometimes you just have to get a little bit scared. I couldn’t have done it without the support, encouragement and inspiration from my training partners and friends!
We often hear from clients that they are scared and just not sure, so I want to tell YOU CAN DO IT! Believe in yourself, grab a buddy and we will help you become the best you can be and live life with adventure!

Spartan Beast, Ultra Beast, Sprint Melbourne September 2015 Spartan Beast, Ultra Beast, Sprint Melbourne September 2015 obstacle racing

Spartan Beast, Ultra Beast, Sprint Melbourne September 2015 obstacle racing Spartan Beast, Ultra Beast, Sprint Melbourne September 2015