Navigating Day Walk

Navigating Day Walk

The skills of reading a map and using a compass are an essential for bushwalking, and having these skills means relying less on your phone and being stuck when it runs out of battery or loses signal. Knowing the basics will also give you confidence to be out on your own or tackle a new walk with friends, and will give you the knowledge to start learning more about navigation and the enthusiasm to get out and about.

This training day is for people for people who have done our Map & Compass Navigation Training, or those who have basic navigation skills and would like to refresh or upskill.

This event will be held in bushland an hour from Melbourne where we will build your skills. We will provide a topographic map of the area and a compass (if you don't have one) and after a briefing to go over some of the basics again, we will head off into the bush to test out your skills under the guidance of our instructors. This walk will be a variety of both on and off-track with full reliance on our navigation skills to get to identified features. This isn't a race or competition, just a fun day out walking trough the forest to learn and apply the essential skills of navigation using a map and compass.

Navigation included:

- Compass basics
- Map orientation
- Obtaining a bearing and magnetic declination
- Following a bearing
- Contouring and route choice
- Attack points

We also supply:
- A map and compass
- Snacks and a healthy lunch
- Fully guided and supported event

Our trainer is an experienced outdoor navigator, with many years of racing, orienteering and work in the outdoor industry. This is a group walk where we will work together to make our way through the forest, and will cover anywhere from 10-15km depending on the day.

Strict limits on numbers. Please see terms and conditions.
See our calendar for a list of all our upcoming walks and other events.


  • 4-5 hrs  - 10-15km depending on route and terrain
  • Walk Grade 3/4. See description here
  • This is not a long walk but is mostly off-track, may contain steep traverses and water crossings.
  • Homemade delicious lunch and snacks
  • Experienced guides, first aid, insurance.
  • Use of maps and compasses

Location and Departure Time

  • Walk departure time is 9:00am
  • Start location:
    • Blast Furnace Picnic Area
    • Ironmine Road
    • Lal Lal 3352
  • Look out for the Take Shape Adventures banner


  • Individual transport arrangements - Carpooling is recommended

What to bring:

  • Drink bottle, or at least 1ltr for cooler weather and two bottles on a hot day.
  • Walking clothes, we generally recommend long pants or gaiters and layers for your upper body.
  • Sturdy shoes, walking boots or runners
  • Medication
  • A waterproof jacket in case of poor weather
  • A small backpack