Why Weight Training Needs to be Apart of your Weight loss Workout

Have you found you are pounding the pavement and sweating up a storm in cardio based workouts, but increasingly frustrated by the lack of results? You might still feel flabby in all the problem areas, and your motivation to exercise is slipping further because of this.

Going for a run, ride or even power walk all have an excellent place in your exercise regimen, but without adding some weight training in you are wasting a lot of precious time on cardio, when you could be maximising your dedicated work out time to give you not only weight loss results, but much more.

Weights training can assist with your posture (which is particularly important for people who sit at desks all day), help your sleep patterns, injury recovery, and even help to balance your hormones.

Because muscle weighs more than fat, looking at the scales can be disheartening when you are working with weights. In fact many people avoid weights training, forgetting that scales can sometimes be your own worst enemy. It is also worth considering that a number of studies have found that weight training boosts your metabolisms even more than cardio, with the effects still in place for up to 36 hours after a session.

If you have been a dedicated weight trainer in the past, your body will thank you for getting back into it. You will feel energised, happier and more motivated to exercise as you finally see the results as your body tones up. If you haven’t been into weights before then there is no time like the present to get started! Your workout regime will take on a new direction. Take Shape Health and Fitness have a range of weights options, including RPT sessions, For more info on how to best get started in weights (particularly if you are looking to work on injury rehab) drop us a line: hello@takeshape.com.au

If any of these points really hit home for you, keep your eyes peeled, we will be going into each of them in more depth over the coming weeks.