Setting goals you might actually achieve?

Setting goals you might actually achieve?

Setting goals is easy right? You probably do it every year. Let me have a guess… I want to get fitter – I’m going to lose a few kilos – I am going to do something for myself. Yep, I had all those too. How many goals do you really achieve? How many have been on your list year after year? I did the same until somewhere along the line I started to do things differently and lost 45kg which I’ve kept off for over 5 years. I moved from a non-exercise person to running marathons, multiday and ultra events and have learnt something about setting goals along the way. So what are you not doing? First of all….(read on)

… get yourself in the right head space and MAKE THIS YOUR YEAR. Stop with the excuses and set that goal and achieve it – I mean REALLY achieve  it  – “really?” I hear you say, “YES really”, you can do it, but first you need need a little help and guidance on setting the goal.

The first thing I learnt was to make goals SMART.



One of my favorite ways to then achieve my goal is to find a friend with a similar goals and attitude. Over the years I have developed a strong community through my PT studio and outdoor adventure company, one of my favorite things about setting goals is achieving them with like minded people. One of the biggest most frequent feedback comments on our adventures is how social our events are and how people can encourage each other to do bigger and better together, pushing each other out of their comfort zones – I think that is awesome! So who do you have available to you? Apart from us of course…

Another strategy for finding friends is to announce it to the world. This is where Facebook is awesome, because you get to tell everyone what you want to achieve. Remember ‘SMART’, then ask who wants to do it with you? If you’re not happy putting yourself out there, maybe a quick text or simply an email to the bestie asking for support.  Taking the time to write it down and put it onto paper helps makes it real. Then stick it somewhere prominent and I promise you this help make goals work!

The best tip I’ve left to last last. Make your goal exciting! Make it a little scary! Make it something that will create a memory. Remember life’s a journey, an adventure, so make it about you! Make it interesting, make it fun, but most of all believe in yourself to achieve it. Believe in your ability to change, to be better, not to be normal, not to be safe. Write that next to your goal and start to believe in yourself. Set a goal for yourself, not what others want you to achieve or what you think makes everyone else happy. So set a SMART goal, write it down, tell the world you believe in your ability to achieve it and your goals will not stay on that list very long…

Sealers Cove Overnight Walk

Sealers Cove Overnight Walk

The Prom..heard of it? Of course you have…because it’s Victoria’s premier destination for awesome bushwalking, with beaches, forests, mountains all surrounding by aqua colored ocean. Perfect weather always ups the pleasure of a bushwalk and this weekend was just right. Sealers Cove was a few hours walk and after a swim and some relaxing on the beach, we whipped up dinner – cuscus, pulled lamb with roasted pumpkin with tomato and fetta relish, garnished with some blanched broccoini and string beans – oh I wish I had a picture to show you!

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