We Call “Time Out”

We Call “Time Out”

We call “time out” We suggest coming for a walk with us because it will be good for you.

Friday evening again!….running around to finish work, get home, pick up the kids, do the home work, clean the breakfast dishes, get a ‘healthy’ dinner, walk the dogs, too tired to go out, weekend of taxi driving, house cleaning, shopping. Familiar? Somehow as you grow older your weekends seem to get shorter until before you know it, they’re the same pace as the rest of the days.
Yet at the same time we are getting un-fitter, unhappier, and heavier.
Spending time with the family, shopping and planning healthy food and catching up with friends are important. But at some stage during this endless cycle we need to reconnect with us, who we are, what we want, be selfish and do something for us.

Walking has been continually shown to improve mental health, and is often described as the best medicine. Did you know hiking will also increase your metabolism, reduce fat storage, and help stabilise sugars. So maybe it’s time to put your walking shoes on, head out the door and be free? We believe in taking the stress and worry out of your adventure, leaving you free to combat your fears, strengthen your head space, your willpower, and improve your overall mental and physical well-being. So this weekend you need to do something different and leave the house work, leave the kids and pets and be selfish. We promise you will be amazed at how much more you then have to give.

We love the analogy of the airplane emergency briefing which always says put on your oxygen mask first then help others. We believe that, and encourage you to look after yourself. If you’re willing to explore in a safe & supportive environment, discover new places, try new things & meet new people, then take the next step and join us.

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