Do you ever feel like you’re always doing the same thing, with the same people, visiting the same places, eating the same food, talking about the same topics? Why? – Because it’s easy, pretty comfortable and it’s predictable. Living a low risk life seems to suit the majority of the population. Is it because their comfort zone makes them feel safe and happy? Or is it because they haven’t experienced the feeling of taking that step into the unknown and doing something they never imagined they would, or could do? The feeling of conquering a fear or reaching a goal is not something you only want to experience once. Pushing the boundaries enables growth and creativity, adds excitement to everyday routine and leaves us feeling alert and alive.

Easier said than done right? Well here are five ways you can get outside your comfort zone and get the most out of life.

1.Find a hobby that gets you moving.. Outside!

We all know that being in nature and exercise are good for your physical and mental health. Combine the two and not only will you enhance your well-being, you will experience new places, conquer physical challenges and return feeling invigorated.
2. Set yourself a major goal and take on smaller challenges to reach it:
We all hear or read about people running marathons, climbing mountains, competing in adventure races and taking on hardcore obstacle courses. Most of us sit back and think ‘I’d like to be able to do that.’ Well you can, and it starts with setting small targets that will pave a pathway for ultimately reaching your end goal. The feeling of achievement when you start accomplishing these stepping stones will keep you motivated and drive your desire to continue.
3. It’s the obvious one.. Try something new!
Life is busy, and we don’t always get us much ‘me time’ as we want or need. When it does come around, make the most of it! Don’t spend it doing the same thing. This will get boring, you will stop being challenged and you won’t feel the same satisfaction. Learn a language, eat something you have never tried before, cook a recipe that’s different from what you usually eat, join a club or a new sports team, walk or drive a different way to work. Whatever it is, trying something new will keep you focused, add variety to your everyday and start to expand your boundaries.
4. Find opportunities to meet new people
Your friends and family sit inside your comfort zone, and so for many people, initiating conversation with a stranger makes them feel uncomfortable. Joining in on events and activities where you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to a stranger can help build self-confidence and give you the courage to continue pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone.
Meeting new people often leads to other opportunities that may be social or even professional. By expanding your network of friends and acquaintances you may be introduced to new activities and hobbies or presented with the prospect of a new career pathway.
5. Face your Fears
Don’t let fear hold you back from getting what you want out of everyday. Live is boring without adventure and adrenaline. Regardless of success or failure in facing your fears, you will learn, grow and stay focused on achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

Our Hike Tent

Our Hike Tent

This is our tent. We have used it for a while now and think it’s a great combination of features and value.
We have sold quite a number of these and can loan/hire them out so you can try before you buy – what better way to find a tent you like!

This great value camping tent is perfect for many outdoor enthusiasts that do not want to pay hundreds of dollars for a tent to use a few times a year.

It features 190T polyester taffeta, PU2000 coating, aircraft aluminum poles. Good air permeability of twin layers, plus the double door design is very convenient and practical when camping with a friend and you don’t want to climb over them in the middle of the night!

These features and fantastic value will make it stand out from similar products. It’s relatively lightweight, well designed and comfortable.

We especially love this tent for the large double access, ease of set-up, internal pockets and roof pocket, and great value for money.
Double doors design is convenient and practical
Inner storage and roof pockets for gear storage
High density insect gauze.
Dimension: 210 x (40+140+40) x 110cm
Outer curtain material: 190T polyester taffeta, PU2000 coating
Inner curtain material: 190T polyester taffeta, high density B3 nylon gauze
Backer material: 150D oxford fabric, waterproof PU 3000mm
Aircraft grade aluminum poles
Colour: Green, Weight: Approx. 2.0kg
Suitable for:
Hiking, climbing, camping, and other outdoor activities

COST: $180 Please email us for purchasing or more information/pictures 🙂




Do you ever think back to childhood and remember doing things that you find hard to imagine doing now? At the time did you even think twice? As kids we didn’t calculate risk or fear failure like we do now as adults. What we tend to do is choose the option that is familiar and one that provides a sense of security. We get caught up in our routine where we know exactly what’s coming next and where there is a low level of risk and anxiety. This place is our comfort zone, where we feel safe and at ease. Everyone’s comfort zone is different and everyone experiences different fears, but the outcomes of staying inside or stepping outside of your comfort zone is the same.

Fear has a place in everyone’s lives, it’s what you choose to do about your fears that determines where you are placed in relation to your comfort zone. Keeping fear at a distance places you right inside your comfort zone where there is certainty and familiarity. With this can come a lack of motivation and creativity which will prevent you from learning more about yourself and what you’re capable of.

Facing your fears and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone provides inspiration, develops resilience and makes life less predictable and more exciting. Taking on new challenges and adventures keeps you focused and constantly achieving what you set out to do. It’s this feeling of accomplishment that triumphs over fear. Testing yourself will help you understand more about your character and prepare you for those times in life where you are forced outside of your comfort zone and are required to face change and doubt.

The people around you often influence your behaviour and can contribute both positively and negatively to your fears. Surrounding yourself with a supportive group of people will have a significant impact on the risks you are willing to take in order to leave the space in which you feel safe. Encouragement from the people around you is what you need to take the first step. They will believe in you and you will start to believe in yourself. Share with them your victories and defeats, knowing that with both come lessons that will help you grow.

Find yourself a supportive network and take on what you never imagined you could. The benefits will be life changing. ​


Making new friends and spending quality time with old friends becomes harder with time constraints and we end up doing the same thing out of convenience. When was the last time you searched for something new to try?  When was the last time you expanded your friendship circle and met people with similar interests?

As our lives get busier, we find ourselves working longer hours and outside of that, running around after the kids and grandkids and trying to stay on top of our domestic duties- housework, grocery shopping and paying the bills. Ten minutes on social media before you go to bed and you have caught up with what most of your friends have been doing.  No need to meet them for coffee this week!

Forget the constantly growing to-do list, it can wait. We don’t spend all week looking forward to the weekend only to spend it catching up on the jobs we didn’t get time to do during the week. This time is for you. Time for time-out, time for family and friends, and time for you. Don’t wait for the invitation from a friend, decide what you want to do and make it happen.

Be that friend that says ‘let’s go!’  Look outside of your comfort zone and find a challenge that you can enjoy together.  If your friends aren’t interested in joining you on an adventure, let us be your friend. We’re saying to you right now ‘let’s go.’ Be brave, fly solo – but just for a second. As soon as you make that first step you will instantly belong to a group who are there to support you on your new adventure.  We are there to provide a safe environment for you to be able to relax and know that everything is taken care of.

You will learn a lot about yourself and those around you by joining us on your first day walk, overnight hike or fitness retreat. You will meet new people and become inspired by stories of their adventures and find yourself looking for your next one.  You will become that person sharing photos and experiences that others will only be reading about in their ten minutes of spare time before bed.   

Making time to focus on you, trying new things and making new friends will positively contribute to your well-being and sense of balance. Finding an activity that you enjoy, one that improves your physical and mental health, and one that provides an opportunity to meet new people, is the first step in prioritising you, finding a healthy balance and living the life you deserve. Come with us, find what has been missing, regain your balance and make friends for life.