Social Media and Marketing Co-ordinator // Job Description

Social Media and Marketing Co-ordinator // Job Description

3 month part-time position || 10-15 hours a week || Mix of Office and Home-based work

Take Shape Adventures is an adventure and lifestyle company that gets people outside and we need some more staff!

Our mission:

TSA is your personalised avenue to the outdoors offering local and interstate activities from Adventure Weekends, Bushwalks, Racing & Training, Obstacle Courses, and Gourmet Weekends. We offer unique opportunities in a safe, fun, and social way allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience. We are passionate about our friendly and inclusive Adventures Program, and we guarantee you’ll have an amazing time.

The Position:

We are becoming one of the region’s most respected, go-to adventure companies for the everyday explorer and social media is an integral part of that business. We are looking for someone to join our team and move our social media and marketing to the next level.

The primary aims are to increase traffic to the website, drive engagement and continue to grow the brand. The ideal person can understand and promote our business culture and use a creative, out-of-the-box approach to their work.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Create, plan and implement marketing for our business / event calendar across all social media platforms (incl: Facebook, Instagram, Web).
  • Write copy for social posts on all media.
  • Suggest and implement strategies to promote growth of our social media
  • Weekly newsletter using Mailchimp.
  • Identify trends/performance of campaigns in order to tailor further strategies.

About You:

  • Extensive experience working with Facebook and Instagram to grow a brand/following.
  • Experience working with websites and/or personal blogs
  • A passion for writing, travel and exploring or adventuring in the great outdoors
  • A humorous, informative, and entertaining writing style
  • Photography and videography skills would be beneficial
  • Proactive and enthusiastic, dedicated to building social, digital and marketing media

Apply by emailing

with the following:

  • Your CV
  • A short video of why you want this job.
  • Your social platforms and/or blog (plus any commercial social media experience)
  • Taking into account the humorous, quirky and fun culture of our business please caption the following 4 photos in no more than 50 words each:

MINDFULNESS. How to live in the moment.

MINDFULNESS. How to live in the moment.

Life is busy, full of distraction and judgement. More often than not, moments pass us by unobserved and unappreciated. We spend too much time overthinking what’s happened in the past and worrying about the future. As life gets busier we are constantly thinking about and looking for ‘what’s next?’ With this comes stress, anxiety and self-consciousness, which impacts on our happiness. Here are three ways you can focus on just being, and live in the moment.

Let go

Don’t let fear of judgement or self-consciousness keep you from being in the moment. Focus on what’s going on around you and stop overthinking. Think outside of yourself, not about what you’re doing, but about you as part of something.

Savour moments

Don’t let time pass by without stopping to appreciate what’s in front of you and what’s going on around you. Concentrate on your senses, what you can see, feel, smell, taste and hear. How often do we eat a meal without slowing down to really taste the flavours? Rarely do we hear a song and pause to listen to the instruments and appreciate how they all come together. Everyday sights like sunrises and sunsets pass us by, and who stops to look and really take it in? Slow down enough to enjoy and remember moments, regardless of how insignificant they seem.

Limit distractions

Technology provides us with easy access to apps, television and even work outside of work. Our spare time is consumed with social media, catching up on TV series and playing the latest game that everyone’s addicted to. With so many distractions we get caught up in what’s happening on our screens rather than paying attention to what’s happening around us. You go to a concert, the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon and the majority of people are taking in the sights and sounds through the lense of their camera or missing it completely as they check-in on facebook, hashtag on instagram and send snapchat videos to all of their friends. They leave with evidence they have been there but without the memory of how it felt to actually be there, in the moment. Switch off from the things that distract you and that keep you from making the most of the moment you’re in.