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Adventure is for Everyone

When your life is the same day after day it seems like great stories are reserved for the world-travellers, the thrill-seekers and the fearless. But that’s not the case, almost everybody would like more adventure in their life. The life we were longing to live has little to do with specific events and everything to do with attitude: a willingness to try something new and see what has been there all along. Here is how you can do all this even within your busy life of work, commuting and family.
Don’t worry if you are not an “adventurous person”, everyone has to start somewhere so read on..

Step 1: Get inspired
The hardest thing about any change is starting. Making the effort to get out the front door is difficult so take 5 minutes to sit down and think about what excites you. This could be the top of a mountain, a kayaking sunset or hiking the desert under moonlight. It doesn’t matter what floats your boat, just remember that this is a journey – and you will see and experience throughout it.

Step 2: Stop the excuses
Life is short! NOW is the time to get real. NOW is the moment to make a commitment to experience an adventure before you die. Don’t think of the 9-5, think of what to do with the other 16 hours! Housework will always wait and we guarantee that will be a constant, however, you know the adventure is never a constant. It is a fluid, dynamic, exciting, roller coaster of an experience that you WILL REMEMBER, but only if you prioritize your life and DO IT.
A great project here is to find adventure memes and hang them where you can see them to help you believe in your ability to be that person.

Step 3: You don’t need expensive gear
A good pair of runners and a jacket are all you need to start an adventure. Yes there are many more gadgets and gear especially as you start overnight hikes and other activities, but buy them slowly. Check out blogs and product reviews as there is a lot to choose from and you can get carried away! Adventuring with us means that we have gear to loan and hire so no need to rush to buy your expensive gear, and try keeping Adrian quiet if you ask for his advice!

Step 4: Find a friend or a group
Our personal experiences definitely support hiking in a social environment. Solitude can be a calming and great for self-reflection, however this can be accomplished as part of an overall journey with like-minded people. The benefits of walking and exercising are well documented, however undertaking these with a social group improves your mood, improves your social outlook and increases your connections in life which is also proven to increase health and longevity of life. Many long lasting friendships have already been formed, don’t deny yourself the opportunity to be involved.

Step 5: Jump into Action Immediately
Do not just read this article.
Look in your online diary on your other screen (if you use two like I do)
Find a date right now. Take action immediately!
Check out our calendar on our website. If nothing fits, then look around for another activity, somewhere, anywhere.
Book Now. Then tell everyone what and when you are doing and invite them.