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Bring the Boys

The physical and mental benefits of exercising outdoors is the same regardless of gender. Whether male or female, the wellbeing boost that you receive from being active in nature significantly contributes to your overall health and coping with life’s ups and downs requires balance, a necessity for both sexes. With so much focus on gender equality and encouraging women to get involved in outdoor activities, men can often get left behind as it’s assumed they don’t need any encouragement and that somehow it’s easier for men to get outside. But what if it isn’t? While we wholeheartedly love the increase in women getting involved in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, it’s also important to remember that some men need encouragement, guidance and support too, as, after all, nature is the best medicine.
This has never been more apparent to us that in recent trips and activities, where either newly divorced men, men suffering from social isolation, or the slightly unwilling partner who gets dragged along, join us on one of our trips and weekends away.
We watch women enjoy the social interaction and see them flourish throughout their time with us, leaving feeling on top of the world. Consider the impact that a weekend of hiking, socialising, fresh air and adventure would have on the overall health and wellbeing of your husband, partner and male friends. It’s time spent together and it’s great for your relationship and for the health of both individuals. You’ll be glad they came, they will thank you for it, and it will be easy to get them to join you for the next one.

We know it’s good for them, and they know it’s good for them, all they need is a little encouragement, an invitation and support along the way. More and more women are getting active outdoors and inspiring one another to go further and push their limits. We need to do the same for men, removing competition and stereotypes, and simply encourage them to join in. Let’s not assume that the men will be there ready to go. Talk to them, invite them along and reassure them that they will receive all the same benefits to their health and wellbeing by getting outdoors, meeting new people, challenging themselves and experiencing new things. So bring the boys! Let them share that feeling that you love, the feeling you get after a weekend experiencing nature and enjoy it together.