Lake Tali Karng

Lake Tali Karng – The Hidden Jewel.

Lake Tali Karng is a hidden jewel nestled deep in the mountains of Gippsland, fed by snowmelt waters of the Wellington Plains. The lake is believed to have been formed about 1500 years ago when a massive rock slide collapsed into the valley damming the waters of Nigothoruk Creek above Wellington River. The water runs underground from the lake to emerge as the infant Wellington River 150m below in the Valley of Destruction.

This route to Lake Tali Karng begins at the third bridge over the Wellington River, about 22 km north of Licola. The route follows the Wellington River upstream for 17 km, crossing the river 16 times. These crossings are just perfect in summer for colling off the feet and at the higher crossings provide super cool clear water to fill up your drink bottle. Continue past Riggall Spur Track to Clive Lanigan Track which climbs steeply through the Valley of Destruction and onto the Lake. 

We will be camping at the start of the walk, to enable an early start on the Saturday morning, as the beginning of the walk is three and a half hours from Melbourne.  We will provide a late night snack and breakfast, before starting our walk. We will follow the river upstream, continually crossing – the best bit of this walk! We then set up camp, unload our gear before climbing up through the Valley of Destruction to the lake. Unfortunatly camping is not permitted at the lake, but we will spend enough time there to make the most of the amazing scenary. We will then head back to camp to enjoy a yummy homemade dinner, a glass of wine and some marshmellows on the fire. 

I don’t have any gear?

Not to worry! We can loan you the equipment you’ll need, including tents, backpacks and sleeping mats. (We do not loan sleeping bags) – Check out our packlist here

I’m coming on my own…

We get a lot of solo guests on our adventures, so you won’t be the only one! It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and make new friends. We also help organise carpooling, so you can have some company on the way up and back. 

Am I fit enough?

The great thing about this walk is you only need to make it to the end of the river. You don’t need to go all the way to the lake, if you’re not up to it. You will need to be able to walk 10km with a backpack on. We’re there to support and encourage you along the way.