Peaks of Mt Everard

Grade 3 walk. 22km with good trails and some hills.

The wooded hills of Kinglake National Park are a wonderful place to explore ferny rainforests as you amble along the Mt Jerusalem Track and view the ever present evidence of the Black Saturday Fires.  Come along the climb Mt Everard, Cookson Hill and Mt Jeruselum and give yourself a pat on the back at the finish for managing a three peak challenge. Let the ferns and beautiful grass trees of Victoria’s wonderful forests lift your spirits and let lunch at the old Steels Creek Picnic Ground revive your energy. Come and join us for another inspiring, social and great day out! 

As always TSA will make sure you have all the food, support and encouragement you need to ensure you have a great day and not only achieve your goals but enjoy yourself along the way.

Nice and close to Melbourne this is an easy walk to get to and well worth the day out.

Meet at the Jehosaphat gully carpark at the end of Parkland Road. Look out for the TSA Banner.