Warburton Nature Walk

Looking for a beginners bushwalk, or something family friendly you can bring the kids along to? The Warburton Aquaduct River Walk is the perfect walk!

Taking in the stunning surrounding nature with fernery, old, huge trees, as we walk along the peaceful river’s edge, highlighting just why Warburton is such a stunning slice of Victoria everyone needs to experience! 

This trail was once apart of Melbourne’s biggest water supply route, and consequently, the trail is filled with luscious greenery as you follow the trail carved into the mountainside. 

Kids will love it, as they encounter some of Victoria’s tallest trees and find themselves amongst a different type of nature to what they are probably used to seeing closer to home. In fact, that’s a good enough reason for anyone to get out onto this walk, if they have been too caught up in the urban rat race of late! 

This walk is Grade 2, and 8-10kms. 

Kids under 16 jFREE

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