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Time to get outside, be fit, meet new friends and tick off the bucket list.

Half Day Fitness Hikes

Take Shape Adventures is proud to launch a new opportunity for you. Our Half-day Fitness Hikes, every Saturday and Sunday are a great way to catch up with fellow hiking and fitness buddies, plan and train for your next big adventure and have our qualified guides and personal trainers assist you to reach your goals. 

Half-day fitness hikes are:

Within 1 hr of Melbourne 

3hrs for a perfect morning escape.

Suitable for Grade 3, 4 and 5 fitness 

Snacks provided

Fully supported by professional staff. 

And most of all the are FUN and SOCIAL! 

Creating memories that last a lifetime

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Fitness Hike Pricing

Casual Rate: 
5 x Fitness Hikes $199
 SAVE $36
10 x Fitness Hikes $379
PLUS A FREE BUFF valued at $16

Don’t sit on the side lines wishing to participate in amazing adventures. And there is no need to trudge up hills on your own. Our fitness hikes are the perfect opportunity to get out, to meet other people and feel supported by not only our amazing team but by your community of like minded friends.


Be sure to check the weather and dress accordingly. We find light layers are always handy as you can add/take off accordingly for changing body and outside temps. Always a hat & sunscreen if it is warm, always a light rain jacket if there’s a chance of rain. bring spare clothes in the car if you want.


For most of our fitness hikes we recommend wearing a light trail shoe. This type of footwear should be comfortable, have some rigidity and PROVIDE GOOD GRIP  – NO SMOOTH SOLED RUNNERS.  You should also be able to walk the short distances (<8km) without issues.


Bring a small back pack that can fit your few personal items. Bring some water in bottles or a drinking bladder. Ensure you have plenty of water for the walk, especially during warmer months. You are always welcome to bring and carry heavier bags if you want to put in extra effort.


Activities are not cancelled due to inclement weather, which is to be reasonably expected during outdoor activities. This includes cold weather, hot weather, rain, wind, fog, storms. Cancellations will occur when the weather is deemed an unacceptable risk to participants and you may be notified up to 12hrs prior to the event. 


You will need to carry at least 1 litre of water for the day and we recommend a drinking bladder or bring along a drink bottles in a small bag. It’s hard to walk carrying a bottle in your hand. During summer or on a hot day, we recommend bringing 2 litres of water. 


This short morning out won’t have our usual lunchtime fanfare, however our famous oranges and lollies will always be on hand to get you through the morning. 

Fitness Hikes FAQ

  • What happens on a hike

    We start off with a stretch and some strength work to open hips and get the legs, heart and head moving. We then take a hike along some favourite tracks. We might throw in various games and cardio drills to make sure you get the most out of the hike if it's a short track, otherwise we'll do a short loop or circuit that involves a range of terrain and is sure to include some hills. If we’ve got time, we’ll finish with some core exercises and stretches.

  • Am I fit enough

    If we had a dollar for every time we get asked this! The answer is yes! These hikes are a walk in the park still, however we’ve just added some steeper terrain and some challenges which makes the hike variable. It means you can be less or more fit, and you’ll get a great morning out. They are suitable for our grade 3,4,5 hikers. See our grading page.

  • Regular ‘other’ hike training

    We also have themed weeks where your guide and trainers will teach you more about a particular product, skill or challenge such as using hiking poles, cooking on gas, packing your backpack, choosing the right shoes. Our guides have a wealth of knowledge so keep an eye out for the special walks.

  • Are they fun and social?

    Absolutely! These walks are designed to be the best morning out. Come by yourself or with friends and chat with other like minded people that you already know or meet new people who want to be walking with you! Our awesome adventure guides, PT’s, Coaches and Nutritionist are also there to support you as well. Everyone wants to achieve something so come along and share your story. We promise there will be lots of high 5’s and laughter.

  • How do I book?

    Choose any of the Fitness Hike from our calendar and book in. You’ll get an email follow up with details, location link and any further information you may need to attend. You can purchase multi-packs or use a voucher!

  • Where are they located?

    Our fitness hikes are not your usual '1000 steps' locations. They are a little out of the way but still easy to find and mostly within an hour of Melbourne. Located all around so you can stick to your side of town or explore pars and forests further afield when you want.

  • Toilets?

    Always an important factor before heading off on a walk!. We have planned these locations to either have toilets at the start or at least nearby. Each location has details on this.

All you have to do is simply decide which day will become your regular get outside, get fit, and have fun, fitness hike and book in!!!

If you need inspiration on goal setting don’t forget to check out our other events, whether it be a pack hike, or a packless adventure or a world bucket list adventure and discovery tour.

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