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Hibernation – Don’t Do It!

Hibernation – bears do it, snakes do it, and do you know what happens? They wake up in the summer grumpy and easily irritated! 

Don’t waste the Winter months only to emerge in Summer frustrated that time has flown past and you feel like you have moved backwards in life, rather than forwards! We tend to start to feel sluggish, tired, and cold and fluey. This comes down to so many things, but the lack of fresh air and sunshine is a big one! The sitting around indoors and not getting enough exercise or social time can also cause a huge impact on this!

We know it can be a bit rough motivating yourself to get out into nature when the weather is unpredictable, cold, wet, windy, but you know what? That rush of endorphins for pushing past all that, and getting out into nature and exercising changes everything! One small step in the right direction can obliterate your mid-winter rut or hibernation, and help you form amazing habits that will keep you living with adventure all year around!

We certainly don’t hibernate during Winter, we keep active so our minds stay feeling as fresh and sharp as that mid-winter air! We know rain or snow isn’t for everyone, which is why we have developed a range of events from yoga and hiking retreats, through to overnight hikes for the daring! With the right warm layers, support and personal determination you will be amazed how little the weather will phase you once you experience that high of being out in nature!