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How To Stay On Track During The Festive Season

How To Stay On Track During The Festive Season 

Many people feel summer coming and think right- time to get my health goals back on track after a winter of hibernation! As we all know, it’s much easier to eat well and exercise more when the weather warms up and days are longer- plus the hit of vitamin D that has been so badly missing from our lives increases our feelings of motivation and wellbeing. 

Then the lead up to Christmas happens……

It’s called the silly season for a reason

The Christmas parties. Catch ups with friends. Work parties. Christmas Day. Holidays. It’s without a doubt the most fun time of year! However, it’s also the time when we tend to have a mental shift into ‘break mode’ where routine is thrown out the window- and so too is our normally disciplined health regime. But don’t despair- there are ways around this without going for a run during Christmas lunch and drinking water at parties!!  Here are some of the common issues and things you can do to not miss out on all the good stuff AND not tumble off the health wagon completely! 


Ah, alcohol. A staple at most parties, and makes everything just that little bit more ‘festive’!  The problem is, most of it is pretty high in calories….. And when you find yourself having a few at each party over the course of a couple of weeks, the extra empty calories tend to add up quickly. The next day it also has the very unfair side effect of making you crave crappy food, and feel pretty demotivated.  Extra calories- junk food- skipped exercise sessions…. You do the math! 

‘Good intentions dissolve in alcohol’

What can i do?

If you enjoy a drink you can still indulge and stay on track. Try swapping your beer or wine for a clear spirit with soda water or a sugar free mixer. Spirits such a vodka and gin have much fewer calories and carbs due to their low sugar content.  If you don’t want to give up wine, ask for a ‘spritzer’- having half a glass of wine topped up with sparkling water instead will not only keep your glass full, but your calories down and your hangover to a minimum. Don’t forget to drink water between each alcoholic drink. 


This is the time of year where you can’t turn around without something delicious within reach! Workplaces are full of sweet treats, parties have a constant rotation of platters being passed around, then of course there is Xmas day and week following…. 

 Its inescapable. 

What can i do? 

Well firstly, enjoy it! No other time of year do you get this much amazing food around. Nothing ruins a festive season like being anxious about everything you put in your mouth. But you can do it in moderation-  have a bit of everything, not alot of everything!  Balance is key. Had a day of indulging? Eat healthy the next day/between parties. Fill up on a healthy meal before you go to a party so you’re not starving and can control your food choices better. Do not beat yourself up about indulging here and there- just be mindful and this will help you keep the balance. 


Everyone is on holidays…. No alarms are set…. You had a late night with the family/friends/ colleagues…. You’re away from your gym for a couple weeks…. These situation are going to happen!  You may not stick to your normal exercise routine, but that doesnt mean you have to give it up altogether. 

What can I do?

Incidental exercise is underrated. Instead of driving to the beach, walk there if possible. Away somewhere nice? Go for a hike and explore the local scenery. Grab a bike, go see the local town. You don’t have to be in a gym to keep up your fitness…. The weather is generally pretty good and it’s the perfect time to get outside,…. swim, walk, ride, snorkel…. Do all the fun stuff you can’t do in winter! Take advantage of it and it won’t feel like a chore. 

Remember- this season is once a year. Enjoy it. Be mindful. Be grateful. 


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