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Japan has a fascinating and multifaceted culture; on the one hand it is steeped in the deepest of traditions dating back thousands of years; on the other it is a society in a continual state of rapid flux, with continually shifting fads and fashions and technological development. This is part of what makes it such a fascinating country to visit.

Climb the Iconic Mt Fuji, experience the fascinating culture, taste amazing local food and see the most spectacular landscapes. From the dazzling and fast-paced Tokyo to the mountainous town of Hakone, this tour takes you from city lights to the top of Japan’s highest mountain and down to a scenic lake and geothermal valley. It’s time to tick it off your list!

Trip Highlights

  • -Climb the iconic Mt Fuji

  • -Explore Tokyo

  • -Visit Hakone - famous for hot springs and stunning landscape

  • -Kayak on the caldera Lake Ashinoko

  • -Traditional accommodation and mountain hut stay

  • -Amazing Food and cultural experiences

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June 15th-20th, 2021

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Mount Fuji - Japan

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