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Short Hikes and Day Hikes

What’s the difference between a Short Hike and a Day Hike and which should I choose?  

Covid has given us the ability to think on our toes, be adaptable and to constantly reassess and recalibrate. Over the last few months we’ve heard lots of feedback from the community that they can’t wait to get out on the trail, but there is also a certain amount of trepidation about the fitness and skills that might have dwindled a little (or a lot) over the last year.

So we took a look at what we were offering- what worked and what we could improve on to meet your needs. Once again it was time to get creative and put together our calendar with a fresh look and with new and improved opportunities! 

We love getting out and regularly catching up with you on the trail, escaping the city, and finding connection in nature. We pride ourselves on providing yummy healthy food and we have ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ about how we can provide the best hiking and fitness opportunities for you, We wanted to incorporate all the locations and fitness levels, making sure that you can have a covid safe experience while getting outside.

Last year we tried our series of Fitness Hikes. These were short hard hikes with a fitness element and some of the feedback was that people love just the short morning trip. With the launch of our online HikeFit Program, we are now looking to incorporate short hikes into our calendar. 

Day Hikes 

All your favourite locations for a full day out in nature to get the full immersive experience.

Over 4 hrs, >12km, grade 3-5. 

A full day out in the forest with the chance to really connect with nature, get a good workout and connect with friends. On these days we will be out hiking some of the best and longest trails around Melbourne and beyond. They are about the journey, the company and sometimes the destination with spectacular views as your reward! They are a great way to visit some wonderful locations, and really enjoy the full day outside and come home tired and content, knowing that you have achieved something and made some new memories.  

Short Hikes 

These hikes combine some of our beginner hikes and our fitness hikes. 

Under 4 hrs, less than 12km grade 2-4.

Perfect for beginners and for those wanting to get fitter,  and great for those that don’t have whole days to spare. We’ll provide some yummy snacks to keep you going, and will be finished by lunchtime.

A great way to start your day and leave you feeling energised, plus they are a perfect opportunity to keep in touch with hiking buddies new and old and connect on a more regular basis. We will be able to offer these as mid week hikes too! 

The type of hike that will suit you will depend on a range of factors such as your fitness, the amount of time you have and your goals. If you’re new, then we recommend starting on a shorter hike then come and join us on the longer day walks. For those that regularly attend our events, don’t worry that the short hikes may be too easy because you know we’ll encourage you to go that bit quicker up the hill!

All in all, they both provide wonderful opportunities to get outside with like minded people and bring your fitness to life! Check out the Short Hike and Day Hike calendar and our Grading System.


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