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Mindset- Why It’s The Most Important Thing To Get Right

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.”

Earl Nightingale

 It is well known that the way you talk to yourself plays a big part in your behaviour and beliefs.  What you believe about yourself is what you will become. If you inner dialogue tells you that you are lazy and unmotivated, or alternatively that you are ‘fine’ and that everything is great with no room for improvement, then these affirmations set the tone for your attitude and therefore your actions. 

So what do you tell yourself? 

In all my years of PT, health and nutrition coaching I love rephrasing people’s attitudes with the term ’I get to.’

Rather than ‘I have to exercise or I’ll feel bad about myself’

Try ‘I get to exercise, because my body is functioning, I am well and healthy and lucky I can move’.

 Rather than ‘I have go grocery shopping’ 

 Try ‘I get to have food in my fridge, and choose food to nourish myself and my family’

 Everything is mindset.  You are in complete control over which mindset you adopt for yourself, whether it is one of gratitude and positivity or resentment and negativity.

 You can be awesome and a work in progress at the same time.  Take time to be mindful, grateful and self aware.

 How do you change the way you think about yourself?

 To unlearn all the negativity and self sabotaging,  how do you learn to believe in yourself, and start positive inner dialogue? It can take practice.

 Let’s ignore the negative traits for a moment and start concentrating on all the things you do well, or that you are doing well at! Write down what you are doing well and start there.

 I like to think I am good at motivating people.

 Now I write ‘I get to’ at the start of the sentence (in my mind and on paper)  

 So, my first step to change who I am becoming will be:

“I get to motivate people”.

Then follow by how- “How do I motivate people?’

Well I run health coaching sessions, small group PT and get to take people on adventures. Now let’s put this together:

“I get to motivate people, by using my skills as a PT and nutritionist to help them move and feel better, and taking people who are unsure on awesome exciting adventures.”

I have my why, my purpose and I can start to further believe in who I want to be. 

Your turn, how did you go?


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