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Why We All Need a Weekend Getaway

A weekend escape can often be something to keep you going through a long week or two. You often get to leave work that tiny bit earlier on a Friday, and walk into work on Monday with your shoulders back and that air of relaxation and happiness oozing out of you!

A micro adventure, just one or two nights, can quite honestly make a huge difference to your happiness. You will break away from the mundane, feel fresh air, rejuvenation, and above all be reminded that sometimes, exactly what you need is to escape the city. We can get so caught up in routine, hustle and bustle that our minds become a little like peak hour. They are congested, moving at snail’s pace, and above all always frustrated!

Winter especially can become a hard time. In Summer we will often at least make the most of a nice day and take a walk in our lunch break, but in Winter we are constantly cooped up, with the decline in our Vitamin D levels we get moody, begin to feel a little depressed and our general health can take a hit. The solution is simple, a weekend getaway! Involve some nature, relaxation, you time, socialising and making new friends and hey presto! You will feel a million dollars walking back into work on the Monday morning.

Sometimes though, the idea of an escape like this can seem a little indulgent. You might have to think about the kids, responsibilities or even the cost. Your mental health, however, can often take a hit in favour of most things, and anyone can agree that good mental health never has a price on it.