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Looking for a corporate event that will bring your team together in a fun and active way that promotes health and wellbeing?

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Looking for a corporate event that will bring your team together by promoting wellness and team building whilst having an incredible time?

No matter if you work in an office, on site, or from home your team will benefit from coming together to do a Take Shape Adventures corporate event. 


Getting out as a group into the fresh air, releasing endorphins created by exercise, and most importantly, giving your team a feeling of self belief and confidence will benefit your entire workforce.

From Christmas parties through to EOFY events, or simply to make your team feel valued, an active corporate event is a mental health day for everyone to enjoy together.

Don’t let the fitness levels of your team stop you from getting in touch, we can cater events around all fitness levels and abilities.

Treat your crew and bring everyone together for a Melbourne day event, a lifestyle health and wellness event, or an overnight retreat or hike.



We are the perfect team for any corporate event! We have multifaceted backgrounds – Park Ranger, Chef, Nutritionist, Health Coach, Personal Trainers – and regularly participate in team events.

We are enthusiastic motivators who will help your team to connect and believe in their own and each other’s abilities.

We pride ourselves on being

  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Organised and Efficient
  • Motivating and Inspirational
  • Qualified & Fully Insured

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