Super Salad Recipes – Hardcopy

We live in a fast-paced society where it can be difficult to find the time to prepare quality meals for ourselves and our families, so we wanted to create a go-to resource that is practical, uncomplicated and informative for everyone.

Following on from the first successful recipe book ‘How to build a Super Salad’, we are bringing you the same format with useful tips, inspirations and over 30 new recipes.


Super Salad Recipes – Hardcopy

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The salads in this book are quick, easy, nutritious and can be designed to cater for any tastes or needs. Salads are a great way to bulk up a dinner or a healthy lunch in summer. They are a way to add more vegetables to your diet, as they make a fantastic meal on their own or can be used as an ideal side dish. The best bit about a salad recipe is that there is endless room for creativity if you don’t like a certain ingredient.