Increase wellness, culture and productivity

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Increase wellness, culture and productivity

Team Adventures and Activities

Everyone knows that building better teams and creating a great culture can make workplaces, offices, and clubs a better place to live and work. Empowering, motivating and inspiring people on both an individual level and as part of a bigger group can improve communication, increase respect and create bonding that will have positive effects across the workplace.

Whether it’s your annual Christmas get together, team strategy day or a retreat to reward hard work, or invest in your team, a Take Shape Adventure event always makes sense! Our adventures and events will help create and build a strong team and allow everyone a chance to connect.

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Our Commitment

The benefits

Increased Productivity

A few years ago Medibank published a study finding employees that were happy were nearly 3 x more productive. Feelings of inclusion, attention to employee wellbeing and healthy practices within the workplace were key factors in contributing to feelings of workplace satisfaction and happiness.


Virgin Pulse (research group) found that 87% of potential employees thought that wellness and healthy workplaces were an important factor in determining their employer of choice. Given that the average Australian spends 40.6 hours at work per week, a health-conscious workplace is vital to a personu2019s overall sense of wellbeing.


Sharing wellness practices like eating together and team bonding exercises bring a more human element to the workplace to encourage communication and feelings of inclusion. The more inclusive a workplace is, the better the quality of communication between employees and management.

Less Sick Days

Australians are some of the worst in the world when it comes to taking a sickie one expert says. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the average public sector worker takes 8-9 days of sick leave annually. Sick days are estimated to cost the economy $30 billion per year. One way to encourage employees to take less time off work is to focus on their sense of well-being and encourage healthy practices to foster a sense of security at work.

Improved Culture

Creating an environment where employees feel engaged and looked after can improve business performance. Positive employees are productive employees!


Out-of-the-ordinary team building tasks give employees permission to use their imagination to come up with creative solutions, and they send the message that creativity in the workplace, and bouncing ideas off each other, is welcome.

Why choose us for your team building adventures?

We are the perfect duo for any team building event! We have multi-faceted backgrounds – Park Ranger, Chef, Nutritionist, Health Coach, Personal Trainers – and regularly participate in team events. Not only do we know about the outdoors and health & fitness, we manage four teenagers and run two businesses! We are enthusiastic motivators who will help your team connect and believe in their own and each other’s abilities.

We pride ourselves on being

  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Organised and Efficient
  • Motivating and Inspirational
  • Qualified & Fully Insured
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Creating memories that last a lifetime

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Recharge your team with our

Team adventures and retreats

Take Shape Adventures fully tailored corporate retreats, events and adventure days are a great way to provide your team with a truly unique experience that will have everyone grinning from ear to ear. Reset, refreshed and ready to tackle all of the tasks that lie ahead.  Our experienced guides and staff can provide everything from transport, the location selection and setup to ensure a wonderful bonding experience.  All of our corporate events are created to build camaraderie, boost morale and enhance productivity, whilst enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Team Adventures

Get out and get moving

Our goal is to break the normal routine, we want you to have an experience that you’ll never forget and share that with your co-workers.  Break away from the 9 – 5, get your heart pumping, kick up some dirt and enjoy the freshest air around.  We can completely tailor an entire experience to your team goals.

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Creating memories that last a lifetime

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Team Adventures

Group team building

Team offices, hospitality, tradies it doesn’t matter what the group, everyone can use some team building from time to time!

There is nothing quite like taking you all out of your normal environments and changing the way you have to think, act and work together. From the fresh air, through to the endorphins created by exercise, not only will your team feel a new found strength when working together, they will also feel energised. This, in particular, is something very important for anyone working in an office environment!

Team Adventures

Wellness in the workplace

Creating a healthy, happy and engaging workplace is so important regardless of size. Considering how much the average Australian spends at work, using key strategies we can increase a sense of wellness (wellbeing)

Sessions – Can be either run as a 1-hour express workshop or a more interactive in-depth session last between 2 – 4 hours depending on participants numbers

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Give us some info and we will tailor an event to your needs

Tell us about your team goals!


Adventure tours and experiences are times to refresh, recharge and renew! A time to feel inspired and inspire others, something to look forward to, with like minded people, setting goals to accomplish, paving the way for experiences that help with your health and fitness and reconnect you to nature