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Vitamin D- The Happiness Vitamin

Feeling sluggish, unmotivated, achey, cold and fluey? It might not just winter blues or being “fat and lazy” it could be a Vitamin D deficiency.

Known as the happiness vitamin, Vitamin D comes from the sun and is something many people are lacking by the end of winter. A deficiency in Vitamin D can affect your sleeping patterns, which will get you down and leave you feeling like winter has really taken hold of your life. Vitamin D is also an important vitamin when it comes to bone and tooth health, two things which we all need to be conscious of as we get older.

The easiest solution? Make sure you are getting outside! It’s something we all take for granted when the weather is grey and dreary, but just 20 minutes of sun a day can make the world of difference. Opening the blinds the minute you wake up, or even sleeping with them slightly open will kick start your cortisol in the morning and make getting out of bed that little bit easier as well.

Getting outdoors will do wonders for your mental health as well. Even when it is cold there is nothing worse than being cooped up inside all day every day! But if you are still concerned you can always head to your doctor for a blood test and they can help you get on track as well.