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Why Adventure Holidays are Better for You Than Sitting by The Pool

There was a time in my life when I thought holidays were supposed to start on a beach somewhere, and end at the poolside drinking and enjoying food. The main focal point of my holiday was to try and relax and unwind, and I felt that spending my days laying around or sitting in a relaxing environment was the best idea. Now, when I look back I actually regret not getting anything done with my time and feeling no sense of accomplishment – in short, a very limited benefit. On top of that, working around the clock while managing to work out to stay in shape for the summer was the worst.

Fortunately, I had a change of attitude and my holidays no longer consist of sitting, laying and sleeping. I sit and sleep every day even when I am working, so I decided to take an adventurous holiday. Getting my blood pumping, and finally doing things that I feel great about later. Once I started looking for more adventures I found out that it is actually good for my body and mind in the short and long term. Now my holidays are more about hiking trips, adventures, camping, ziplining through the mountains, seeing wild animals and anything else that might interest me.

The only people I have to thank for all my adventures are Take Shape Adventures. Not only do I have access to fun adventures, but I also have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who will embark on the journey with me. Making it a thousand times better than convincing someone I know to go do something they are not interested in.

Moreover, Take Shape Adventures takes me to places I had never thought about before, allowing me to explore and learn with each trip, plus they are usually paired with delicious food. Exploring through different towns while enjoying the local specials is an adventure in itself. The best part is that I can choose what level of adventure suited me, which is accommodation based so I can work hard during the day and sleep well at night.

I have come to a point in my life where I consider my work as my “resting” place as I sit around all day. While I secretly plan my next adventure and dream about where to head next. These adventurous trips are a huge part of my life, and they are now my life’s purpose. Exploring, learning, taking on new experiences is exactly what life is all about, and as I get older I want to ensure that I make the most from all my spare time, and enjoy the amazing experiences the world has to offer.

One of the best changes I also made was not worrying about my beach body. As my adventures are so active they keep me in shape. My holiday adventures are where my goals are set, and I train for them, making sure I can make the most out of my trip. It’s like getting ready for the best days of your life, and I am simply in love with it. I only have Shape Adventures to thank for all that they offer, and the way they have changed and impacted my life.

Maddie x


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