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Yoga and Hike - Wellness

Friendly and Supportive Groups

The minute you step onto the path you will become apart of our supportive community; a group of individuals who just like you have wanted to try something new, fun, and healthy, but are concerned about stepping too far out of their comfort zone. Everyone comes from a different background, fitness and experience level, and yet they all have one thing in common: a yearning to do something new, and do something for themselves! By the end of your first walk we guarantee you will have made new friends, and found a new confidence in yourself. The endorphins running through you will keep you going for days!


The best thing is something like bushwalking can involve the whole family, once one of you gets hooked, there is no stopping your ability to convince your friends, family and even kids to come along and see what your new passion is all about! We are fun, energetic and create a positive encouraging atmosphere. No one is left behind, made to feel bad or turned away from an adventure.

We are a fully insured, registered Licensed Tour Operators. All of our staff are remote first aid trained

What's included


All overnight bookings include accommodation

Camp & Hike Gear

Free camping and gear hire for those that need assistance

Food & Drinks

Don't worry about bringing heaps of food. We have you covered!

Meet new people

Create long-lasting connections with like-minded people


All equipment relating to equipment is supplied

Stay Healthy

Keep fit and healthy while having fun

We lead you, we feed you

We practice mindful techniques along the trails to ensure you get the most out of your experience in nature. These techniques are a fantastic way to embrace the serenity of the bushland around you, and are skills you can take back to your everyday life. What’s more, they are a fantastic way to take a break if you are at all beginning to feel tired or uncomfortable. Our number one priority is your experience, and ensuring it is nothing short of fantastic!

Many of us remember the importance of family meal times when we all switch off from technology and take the time to simply enjoy the company of others, we treat meal times as a bonding experience, taking the time to laugh, chat and share experiences together. This is a huge part of creating the Take Shape Adventures community and spirit.

We are a fully insured, registered Licensed Tour Operators. All our staff are remote first aid trained, so you can always trust us, and feel safe with us. Our number one priority is the safety, comfort, and experience of each and every participant. We encourage an open channel of communication and want everyone to feel comfortable chatting to us if ever they have a concern.


Healthy Meals & Snacks

delicious, home-cooked, nutritious food

We provide delicious, home-cooked, nutritious food, catering to every dietary requirement. With a trained chef and nutritionist in the team, you can guarantee to be wanting recipes by the end of your adventure! We understand all too well that energy comes from food, and that food brings people together.

Not only is our passion getting out in nature, it is also encouraging others to discover the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. You will be amazed at just how energized you will feel after a day in the fresh air, sunshine, and with a belly full of deliciously healthy meals. You will never look back!

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