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Why Weekend Breaks Are Good For You

We know what it’s like….. finding the time to plan a holiday between work and life commitments isn’t always easy. Cruising through Italy or trekking in Nepal is great, but sometimes using up all your annual leave and not having any time off for the rest of the year is not ideal or practical. The answer?  Regular mini breaks!!  Just a few days away will recharge your energy, mood, and health.  Here are some of the benefits:


The thought of coming back to a weeks worth of un-answered emails and tasks can be off-putting….. too often we hear ‘ Oh I’ll plan it when things quieten down a bit at work’ and then it never happens. A weekend getaway mitigates this added stress and allows you to properly switch off for a couple of days without the worry of returning to a mountain of work!


Shorter breaks means you can also do them more frequently…… therefore being able to explore more places! Its also a great motivator and mood booster planning your next mini getaway to somewhere you haven’t been before. Beach, mountains, relaxation, activity….. you can change it up each time and really maximise the diversity of your experiences. Where is the next food and wine festival happening? Where is a beautiful place to see Autumn leaves this time of year?  Plan your next one as soon as you get back and you’ll always have something to look forward to


With weekend getaways there is less stress with organising cover at work, pet sitters, house sitters etc….  This can be a difficult task for a week long break, but its always easy to find someone willing to cover these tasks for a couple of days here and there.


When you take a mini break, you are likely to plan more activities.  Have you ever been away for a week and it goes by all too quickly? Having a couple of days with several different activities on the agenda can make a 2 days break feel much longer as you will have done more in two days than you would have in a week!

So go on- take the initiative and plan your next weekend getaway! Or better yet- let us do it for you. Join us for an all inclusive weekend getaway…… which one will you choose?


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