Yoga & Hiking- Why It Is The Perfect Combination

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For all the ways smartphones, social media and near constant wifi access have improved our lives, life in the digital age comes with it’s share of complications and challenges.

We are finding it increasingly harder to disconnect from technology and connect with ourselves. Though our lives are fast paced, it is only our minds that are racing and not so much our bodies.

Beach holidays lazing about are great, but it’s not our bodies that need rest- it is our minds.

Hiking outdoors is a great way to engage your body and disengage your mind. Fresh air, sun and nature has been scientifically proven to alleviate stress and improve physical health- so much so that doctors are now prescribing time in nature for conditions from heart disease to depression.

Moving your body naturally (using your own body weight resistance) is the best way to utlilise all muscles in your body without trauma. Add in the occasional hill and scrambling under trees and over rocks and you’re getting the best all over workout possible!

Practicing Yoga has endless benefits for mental and physical health. The art of mindfulness, training your mind to re-focus on breathing, your body’s movement and staying in the present moment are valuable skills in today’s climate. Our digital overload can leave us feeling mentally exhausted and forgetting how to re-centre and ‘turn inwards’. Aside from the physical benefits of Yoga including stretching, blood flow and strengthening, learning how to ‘still’ you mind is a skill that requires practice.

Combining hiking in nature and Yoga techniques is a great way to incorporate balance into your life for both mental and physical strength.

Are you ready for a mental and physical detox? Come along to one of our Yoga and Hiking Retreats and treat yourself to a healing weekend for your mind and body.