Diets don’t work. We know that. So why do we keep going back?

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Join our 28 Day Undo the Diet Culture in your head challenge and free yourself of the diet trap, binge eating, guilt and self loathing, start celebrating you, creating healthy habits that will leave you feeling more motivated, in control and with more energy.

And The Best Part…

 It’s all Online and Doesn’t Involve Restrictive Dieting or Any Other “Quick Fix” Gimmicks.

By Tracey Wright

Masters of Nutrition
Personal Trainer
Health Coach

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How much time do you spend worrying about your weight?

Are you eating the right things, trying to find the motivation exercise, trying to find the energy to fit it all into your busy life?
Then STOP.

Life is too short to let the scales, or another ‘diet’ control your life. NOW is the time to set yourself free from the very same culture that has led you to being anxious, more overweight and feeling more dismayed.

It’s not you that has failed, and I’ll show you why.

Set yourself free with our 28 Day Undo The Diet Culture Challenge, and start living a life of confidence, adventure, discovery and a new way of living.

You will experience new habits and learn practical tips that keep you connected with our like minded communities.

You get to learn eating and exercising patterns in a way that’s right for your body.

You make healthy eating and physical activity fit seamlessly into your daily routines.

All while continuing to enjoy your favorite meals.

During our 28-Day Undo the Diet Culture Challenge you’ll accomplish this over weekly challenges, exercises and interactive forums.

In only four easy steps

Undo the negative diet cycle.

How to Eat BETTER, Not Just LESS

How to LOVE the way your body moves

Lasting changes and designing your life

Step 1: Undo the negative diet cycle.

Why diets and prescriptive food plans make us fat.

In week 1 you will discover how to find your ‘Why’, the difference between good and bad food, and why they are both ok! 

You will learn the secret to staying motivated and not feeling deprived. We will give you help on how to save time and effort, leaving more time for you!

Step 2: How to Eat BETTER, Not Just LESS

If you focus solely on the number of calories you’re eating, or what macronutrients you eat, you may lose weight but eventually YOU WILL gain it all back again.

We PROMISE not to put you on another diet.  Instead our nutritionist and chef will take you through mindful eating, dealing with cravings and help inspire you with menu plans and recipes.

 Undereating and overeating are major threats that can sabotage your weight loss efforts.  You’ll be amazed how much our knowledge can assist you.

‘Learn mindful eating plus simple habits to make your food look and smell great, plus feeling well nourished. Be in control of your snacking, and learn good habits to deal with overeating and portion size. We’ll also teach you the fundamentals of good hydration and reveal one of the worst things about liquid calories!’

Step 3: How to LOVE the way your body moves

You don’t have to spend hours working out every day to get in great shape.

We’ll give you unlimited access to our Virtual Classes and Online Library! 

 We will also help you identify the best types of exercise to focus on to transform your body and improve your health. 

Plus you’ll learn all about Heart Rate and we’ll throw in weekly challenges that encourage you to move more.

Step 4: Lasting changes and designing your life 

We’ll discuss the #1 factor that prevents people from reaching long term habit changes.  

You will plan for success!
Setting goals that make you accountable and allow you to learn and redevelop your life.. 

We will help you improve your mindset, and make sure you give gratitude for your achievements. Let’s make sure everyday behaviours are rewarded to help you live your BEST LIFE.

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Our 28 Day Undo the Diet Challenge is a 100% online program so you can join us from ANYWHERE in the world, it  starts  EVERY Monday.

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In This 28 Day Undo The Diet Challenge You Will Learn Easy-to-Implement Strategies So You Can...

I’ve done a number of the nutrition motivation programs with Take Shape and there’s habits I now have for life. I don’t go a day without getting 10,000 steps and I try to incorporate veggies into every meal I have. I loved the practical ideas and suggestions made in the wonderful support group. I’d definitely do it again. Another great thing for me was sharing recipes to get some inspiration
Mel, M

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28 Day Undo the Diet Challenge gives you realistic steps to help you be fit & healthy for the long haul. I’m confident that you’ll love your time in the program, the results you get, and the lessons you learn. But if for some reason the program isn’t a good fit for you, let us know within 7 days and we’ll give your money back. We wouldn’t dream of keeping your hard-earned money for a program that you don’t love. No hassles and no hard feelings.

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You don’t have to keep feeling frustrated by those final stubborn pounds.

You don’t have to continue being afraid that you’ll need to keep dieting for the rest of your life.

 Just because you’ve struggled to keep weight off in the past does NOT mean you are destined to yo-yo up and down forever.

You can learn how to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Our 28 Day Undo The Diet Challenge Starts Every Monday and takes place 100% online in the privacy of your own home. You can also access our members-only group for motivation and support. 


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Disclaimer: The information shared during this program is for general purposes only. The information is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical conditions. I am a Masters Level Licensed Nutritionist, Qualified Rehabilitation Specialist and Personal Trainer. If you are unsure of the advice please determine what course of action is best for you and your particular needs. Participation in this challenge does not constitute a coach-client relationship.