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General FAQs

We understand you may have lots of questions, so we have provided a comprehensive range of answers! If you're still unsure about something, please contact us.

Yes we certainly do. After you have paid the deposit you can have the remaining amount be automatically split into regular payments. See the event ticket page or contact us for more information. 


Yes, we do have limited spots for people to have their own room depending on the particular trip and the accommodation we are using. Please contact us at to find out more.

So you’ve bought a walk pass and now want to use it?
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Our participants are generally people in their 30’s-60’s with similar interests to you. they range in fitness from doing nothing and this is their first foray into the outdoors through to regular exercisers who wants more social activities or a challenge on our harder walks. We recommend that if you are unsure, then book into one of our easier walks, bring your enthusiasm and meet us. Our goal is to make sure you have a good day out!

All our trips include our awesome TSA guides, accommodation, all your meals, beverages, access, permits, and all extras such as gear, activites, climbs, rafting, caving or any of the other exciting activities that appears on our tours. There is never any more to pay, unless you want to buy your own things like a coffee, souvenirs etc.

As with all of our events, our trips vary in length and difficulty. We suggest you look at the grading provided and have a browse through the itinerary distances. If you can walk 20km day after day then you’ll be fine for the Larapinta Trek, or you may be more suited to wandering around the Bay of Fires and more leisurely beach walking. Remember that you will have weeks to months to build up your fitness before the trip – which we can help with! If still in doubt, give us a call

No you don’t need any experience, TSA’s activities are suitable for everyone and we also offer training sessions for activities.

Absolutely. Take Shape Adventures is an inclusive tourism business. Although many of our events involve challenging terrain, and so may not be suitable, we do run some events in locations that are better suited. Please email us at or call 0400307130 to discuss how we can create an enjoyable experience for you.

Becoming a member is a great way to commit to more adventure and all its benefits, and it’s easy too. Simply go to 

Our qualified chef and nutritionist will ensure that your dietary requirements are met. When you book a ticket, you can tell us your requirements, and if there are any questions, we will get in contact with you. Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Pescatarian, Vegan, Fodmaps, Celiac, Paleo, Onion, or you just don’t like mushrooms! We will do our best to ensure you have the food you need. 

You will when you leave!! All our activities are highly social and have a wonderful vibe. Come along and make some new friends while experiencing the outdoors.

Our events are designed for a range of people. Commonly, women between 35-55 years old, with 50% coming on their own for the first time. However we do have a good percentage of couple, ladies and men younger and older… so the answer is everyone. Just come along and you’ll have a great experience with like-minded people.

We can assist with arranging transport to and from an event.

Take Shape Adventures is a fully insured through Australia and New Zealand. We are a licenced tour operator in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory and NSW.
All our guides are Wilderness First Aid qualified.

If you have any queries or concerns about your booking or an event, please take the time to read our Terms & Conditions

Day Walks

This set of answers is all about coming on a day walk with us.

All our walks are graded from 2 – 5, with 2 being easy and 5 being hard. See our grading page for more information to help you choose the walk that is right for you. No matter what you do, there is always a TSA guide to support and provide assistance.

The price includes a fully guided experience with trained and Wilderness First Aid qualified staff. We are also a licenced tour operator in Victoria, Tasmania, NSW and South Australia so you can be assured of our high quality events. We also provide a healthy lunch and snacks on your day walk so you don’t have to carry anything. We can also assist with car pooling. Lastly, we’re there to support and provide assistance so you can achieve your goal.

As with all of our events, our trips vary in length and difficulty. We suggest you look at the grading provided and have a browse through the itinerary distances. If you can walk 20km day after day then you’ll be fine for the Larapinta Trek, or you may be more suited to wandering around the Bay of Fires and more leisurely beach walking. Remember that you will have weeks to months to build up your fitness before the trip – which we can help with! If still in doubt, give us a call.

This is one of our most common questions, and our recommendation is that for most of our day walks you should wear your most comfortable footwear. Don’t wear your old hiking boots from 20 years ago, and don’t wear thongs or sandals. Bottom line is your runners are probably the best choice unless you have some comfortable hiking shoes or trail runners. In some circumstances you may want footwear with better grip than runners, particularly for muddy winter walks. If you are still in doubt, bring along both pairs and get our guides recommendation on the day.

Yes, the majority of our walks have toilets at the start. We will send out information when you make a booking and this will have details of toilet facilities at the start or along the way. Some of our walks start from odd locations and we will let you know if there are no facilities available.

Our walks vary in length from 9km through to approximately 23km. the distance is usually comparable to the grade ie: easier grades are shorter. Our walks usually start at 9am and finish between 2-4pm.

You are required to carry at least 2 litres of fluids in a water bladder or bottles for a day walk. During summer this requirement will be 3 litres as it can sometimes be hot and thirsty work out there!

Our day events include morning and afternoon snacks, a full lunch and possibly some nibbles along the way. All our food is healthy and nutritious and you won’t be hungry. We may provide a range of food including wraps, delicious homemade salads, yummy soups, crusty bread, dips and cheese, oranges, tuna, dips and hommus, homemade cookies, slices, cakes, protien balls and of course our famous Lemon Slice!

Our qualified chef and nutritionist will ensure that your dietary requirements are met including such intolerances and allergies such a Gluten, Lactose, Celiac, Fodmaps, Onion, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian etc. Please contact us to discuss any particularly special dietary concerns you may have.

Yes, generally kids over 12 are allowed under adult supervision. Some of our staff have working with Childrens Check, however  children remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian at all times. Kids are generally free on our day walks so contact us if you’d like some further advice on bringing them along.

No. TSA carries comprehensive first kits and all guides are Wilderness First Aid qualified.

Then you’ll have more time to chat to one of our enthusiastic and supportive guides, as we don’t leave anyone at the back. If this is your biggest concern, then fear no more as everyone who has been on our events has finished with pride and happiness that they came out and gave it a go!

You are welcome to bring poles if you use them. We also have sets you can borrow if you would like to try hiking poles before you go and buy some.



Join Australia's fastest growing community of adventurers and hiking fans and enjoy member-only benefits and perks to get even more out of your adventures!

Overseas Trips

Going on a big trip with us? Awesome! Have a read through these to find out more.

No, due to the nature of travel, your location, rewards, preferences etc, we do not include flights.

Yes, you’ll need to share. However, aren’t you coming along to meet new people? expand your social circles? push your boundaries a little? All our participants are just like you and may feel just the same. We’ll always do our best to provide you with what you need depending on our location, accommodation venue and number of participants.

Since we run a range of trips and tours across Australia and overseas, our accommodation varies considerably. It might be a bunk room in the desert through to a five star resort for a night.
We always try to provide the best and most suitable accommodation depending on location and availability and also about shared bathrooms…’rest assured we aim to provide the best options for the specific tours’).

 Remember that if you are going to Tasmania with us, your clothing will be different than if you are coming to Alice Springs to walk the Larapinta Trail. Please also bear in mind that we are often transporting all your gear from one location to the next so we suggest that you don’t bring massive suitcases!

Overnight Hikes

Here you find more information specifically on our overnight hikes, like what to bring and wear!!

Here is a great brochure we have put together that explains what happens when you come on an overnight hike with us.

Apart from bringing your own sleeping bag, we can assist with everything else! We can arrange equipment or assist you to purchase suitable equipment for any outdoor activity. So don’t let equipment stand in the way of your adventure. We also provide a complete pack list, plus a little side list of what not to bring!

We provide all dinners, lunches, breakfasts, morning and afternoon tea and all snacks for the event. We also supply all the cooking equipment and prepare your meals for you – what service!

We know you’re new to this, but please remember you have to carry what you bring. So NO spare food, extra extra clothes, spare shoes, radios, speakers, makeup cases, unnecessary toiletries, mirrors, phone chargers, big books, kindles, iPads etc etc etc. Everyone carries a bit of food, so make sure you leave some space in your rucksack.

The cost for the event includes all the usual things like bookings, permits, park entry and camping fees. It also includes car pooling assistance, our supportive and motivating guides plus all your food for the entire hike. If you need, we can also supply your tent, mat and rucksack so all you need is some clothes. Our guides also carry all the cooking equipment, plus most of the food and we even prepare it for you!

On our overnight hikes, you will be carrying a large rucksack around the 40-60 litre capacity. In this will be your tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, clothes, personal items, water and a portion of the weekends food. It will normally weigh between 11-14kg on the first day and 1-2kg lighter on day two. We use hand scales to weigh everyone’s bag before leaving to make sure you don’t have too much.

We won’t sugarcoat it, overnight hiking can be hard work! But you know what, the reward is ALWAYS worth it and every one of our clients has revelled in their accomplishment. The biggest factor is overnight hiking is not the walking, not the terrain, or the distance – it’s carrying the rucksack. So our suggestion is to grab a bag, fill it up with stuff and start going for walks.

Mmmm, sometimes… Depending on which walk you book into, some walks have toilet facilities and some require you to go bush. There are NO shower facilities on an overnight hikes, however there are rivers, streams, and beaches though ????

Yes, we strongly recommend bringing a rain jacket if inclement weather is expected during the event.

No. You are welcome to bring them if you have them, however they are not mandatory.

If you make a mistake when you purchase an event ticket, we are happy to assist in rectifying this mistake. In all other circumstances our refund policy can be found on our full Terms and Conditions.

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Most of the people that come on our tours come by themselves. Our community is built on friendships that have been made on our trips, experiencing something life changing together, the shared memories and also goals to do more in the future! We encourage people not to be anxious about coming on these trips by yourself as we promise you will leave with some like minded friends and be really glad you made the decision to get out of your comfort zone and join in.


Our community is our backbone. We have had so many people start with no hiking experience, basic fitness and not knowing anyone on our trips. These same people have gone on to do some incredible multi day hiking trips with us and their friends they have met in our community. Witnessing the development of their fitness, confidence, experience, friendships and happiness is why we do what we do. Come join us and let us help you get from the couch to the top of the mountain!


Experiences, not things. The moments that take your breath away. The feeling of accomplishment and the realisation that you are capable of so much more than what you thought. The views that blow your mind and the ticking off of bucket list items. We take all the hard work out of it for you. We organise the lot so you can just turn up and get the best of your experience without all the headaches of organising/logistics. We make it easy for you to do all the thing you want to do –  you just need to turn up and be ready to jump into life!

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