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Chances are you can achieve more than you think, but we get it, no one wants to be last! (Spoiler alert: that spot is always taken by our guide at the back!). All your questions are answered on our FAQs and Grading pages to try and help you determine how we grade our events, what grade might suit you, and how fit you need to be.



Once upon a time in 2008, there was a dynamic duo who were bursting with energy and passion. Tracey, a talented personal trainer and nutritionist with a knack for whipping up delicious meals, crossed paths with Adrian, the ultimate “Bear Grills” park ranger and fitness fanatic. Their story began with a friendship..

Our difference? Expertise.

We are not just hiking guides. Our team is made up of personal trainers, nutritionists, park rangers, first aid experts, chefs, and even a couple of circus acrobats!!


Our vision is to offer a complete wellness experience. We believe strongly in the healing benefits of exercise, nutrition, the outdoors and community. We bring all of these things together with a huge array of experiences to suit everyone.

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Feel like hiking around Melbourne? While clinging close to the CBD might offer you plenty of classic Melbourne walks, you’ll need to venture outside of the city to find those hard-won hiking trails. So next time you’re feeling like you need to bathe yourself in nature, leave Melbourne’s storied restaurants, cafes, bars and museums behind and head on out to these 13 glorious hiking trails.

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In a world filled with constant pressure to be “good” according to societal standards, it’s easy to fall into the trap of relying solely on willpower to navigate our choices and actions. However, there’s a refreshing alternative that involves tapping into our intuition, cultivating self-awareness, and infusing life with a sense of adventure.

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8 Health Benefits of Getting Back to Nature and Spending Time Outside

In all honesty, Mother Nature may find the indoor world pretty tough to compete with sometimes. After all, she can’t offer flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, or WiFi. But she might potentially offer something even more important: improved health, by way of a stronger immune system, better sleep, and reduced stress. Spending time outdoors can boost physical and mental health in a range of ways. You don’t have to spend hours at a time outside before those benefits kick in, either.

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