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2nd Life Project

Offtrack Partnership

You’ve just upgraded your hiking pack, and the old one’s giving you dirty looks from the bottom of the cupboard. It’s still pretty good, just not as good as the new one. It needs a new home, but who can be bothered sticking it on Gumtree and dealing with negotiators and postage? There’s got to be a better way, right? Thankfully, Offtrack’s 2nd Life Project might just be the answer you’re looking for.


Why throw away something that is still fit for purpose?


We think it’s best to put outdoor gear in the hands of students and schools that don’t have the financial backing to make outdoor education a possibility. The great outdoors are truly the best classroom for anyone, getting us outside our comfort zone to learn more about ourselves, other people, and the world around us. If we can help more people experience nature then it’s a win win for everyone. If your gear isn’t looking schmick, Offtrack will repair it, clean it up and give it to to organizations, underrepresented schools and community programs, so that everyone has equal opportunity to experience the wonderful world around us


Your gear may not be fit for commercial use but that doesn’t mean its life ends there!


If it’s not quite up to scratch anymore, but still usable, Offtrack will try and rehome the item. They work with many different organisations that support those in need, giving them waterproof layers, insulation and comfort.


With enough wear and tear (and love), outdoor gear does eventually become unusable.


However, Offtrack will put in the time, energy, and effort to ensure that materials and components can have a second life. They will take your gear apart, separating pieces of fabric, zip, buckles and straps, for some exciting plans they’ve got down the road.

RE-CREATE (Coming soon)

With donations streaming in, the team at Offtrack are investigating the ability to create new products from pre-loved materials.


They hope to have a bespoke 2nd Life equipment and clothing range, where every item would tell a different story and continue to keep resources in the community and out of landfill. Imagine this: the best pieces of canvas from your old worn out rucksack could become part of a new crumpler bag for a person in need!


Follow the steps below and see how your donations are moved through the 2nd Life process!

Step 1:

Come along to a hike and donate your old outdoor equipment. 

Drop off your old gear to a TSA staff member on a hike and we’ll ensure this all gets to the guys at the Off Track warehouse right here in Melbourne!


Step 2:

They assess the donation

Once the equipment or clothing arrives at their warehouse, they have a look at its condition, clean it and then decide what is the best use for that equipment in its next life. This way, your gear could be going straight to a person in need, or could be recreated into a new product!



Step by step we are together keeping equipment and clothing out of landfill while supporting more people to access the outdoors who otherwise could not afford to.

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