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Become an official TSA Ambassador!

join us on day walks, inspire others, help out, and hike for FREE

TSA Ambassador

As an inspire member, we have an awesome opportunity for you to really inspire others to get of the couch come join us and helo lead other members and gt to hike for Free too!!!

You would be there as a support guide to help our lead guide provide assistance on our day events, it will be a great way to do some of your favorite walks for free and share your experiences and life changing decisions to join the TSA community. You’ll be acting as a TSA Ambassador making sure we help everyone who turns up feel supported and cared for.

What you get

You get to join us on the event and walk for free

Your role is to:

  • Create a positive environment for new and return people
  • Manning a radio
  • Help carrying food
  • Be a TSA avatar – tell everyone about your favourite TSA trip

You have no responsibility to clients, and are under the instruction of the guide. Your job is to help as a support guide, for group management

What you'll need

  • Need at least First Aid Level 2
  • Completed a number of walks with TSA and been deemed competent with good skills, experience, reliability, sales ability, professionalism
  • Need to be able to help carry food and gear if required.

What’s next:

Send us a copy of first aid certificate

indicate which walks or weekends you are free and interested

we will send you an email back confirming attendance, this may be up to 48 hrs before event

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