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An opportunity for you to join and the ultimate hiking adventure that you NEED to tick off your bucket list. There is a good reason that the Larapinta Trail is amongst the most legendary walks in the world. Spend five days on some of the most epic walks in Australia and stay in accommodation EVERY NIGHT, enabling you to cover almost 100km of the best parts of the trail.

We will be transferring you on and off the track and stay in twin share accommodation in Alice Springs and Glen Helen Homestead, where you will get a cooked meal, a hot shower and comfortable bed. With our itinerary, you will achieve 5 full days of walking – more than any other tour. We have chosen the best 100km of the trail and will make sure you get to experience all the Larapinta has to offer. We are the best value tour that includes all food and twin share accommodation for maximum time on the trail.

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  • Hike just under 100km of the legendary Larapinta Trail
  • Stay at the authentic Glen Helen Homestead
  • Professional and qualified guides
  • Reach the 3 main high points on the trail, Counts Point, Brinkley Bluff and Mount Sonder.
  • A super early start for the famous Mt Sonder sunrise
  • Fully guided walks every day, with some shorter options.
  • Visit Ochre Pits, Standley Chasm and Ormiston Gorge.


  • All transfers from airport to accommodation
  • All transfers to and from each days walking
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Fully guided and supported by experienced staff.
  • 6 Breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners, plus all snacks and desserts.
  • All fees to Aboriginal managed areas
  • All national park fees



A comfy bed and a hot shower at the end of the day can make all the difference! We’ll be based out of fully equipped, twin share apartments for the first 3 nights of the tour, and the rustic and cosy Glen Helen Homestead for the next 3 nights (a mix of twin, double and triple share).


The food will be provided by both accommodation chefs and our very own adventure chef to prepare and cook your delicious and nutritious dinner, lunches, all snacks and breakfast. We love our food so be prepared to have freshly ground coffee, yummy snacks and fresh fruit, beautiful vegetable based salads, wraps and cheeses. All this food is energy filled to sustain you on the track – oh! and lets not forget a sneaky desert or two and a relaxing beverage. We can cater for a range of intolerances and dietary requirements. Contact us if you have any particular requests, however please note that due to the isolated nature of the trip and limitations with food transport on the trail, we will do our best to cater for you.


  • A drink bottle, or two bottles on a hot day.
  • A small backpack
  • Medication, camera, etc…
  • Hat or beanie depending on weather
  • Walking poles if you normally carry them
  • Walking clothes suitable for the weather on the day


"Visiting the Bay of Fires has always been on my bucket list and I am glad I made this dream a reality. What a stunning experience! Big shout out to the team at TSA who have gone above and beyond! Highly recommended!" - Linda Hyde


Day 1

Arrive in Alice Springs and meet at the Alive on Todd Apartments in the afternoon to meet your fellow travelers and discuss the gear, itinerary and other tour requirements. We will then head out for a short walk to Anzac hill for our first sunset and get to know you dinner. 6km Accommodation: Alice on Todd (D)

Day 2

Today starts around 6:30 with breakfast and out to the vehicle by 7:30. we'll have a half hour drive out to Standley Chasm to start the days walk around 8am, this is to avoid the heat and give us plenty of trail time for our Brinkley Bluff return. This is one of the best and most exposed hikes on the trail, with a variety of walking and continuous ridgeline walking. The hike is graded hard and is an out and back. Day 2 Today starts around 6:30 with breakfast and out to the vehicle by 7:30. we'll have a half hour drive out to Standley Chasm to start the days walk around 8am, this is to avoid the heat and give us plenty of trail time for our Brinkley Bluff return. This is one of the best and most exposed hikes on the trail, with a variety of walking and continous ridgeline walking. The hike is graded hard and is an out and back. 20km. Accommodation - Alice on Todd (B, L, D)

Day 3

Up early again to head back out to Standley Chasm but this time we head east and walk back towards Alice Springs for the morning before an option for the fitter walkers to ascend the high pass. This is some of the toughest walking on the trip and is a very hard graded out and back walk with some scrambling and steep climbs. 20km Accommodation - Alice on Todd. (B, L, D)

Day 4

Today we will pack our bags and load up for a transfer and walk day. We have a one way trail today and will have an option for those to staff with our driver and come in the end of the trail for an easier day. Today we'll walk section 9 which is graded hard and has a some very exposed walking and one of the best views of the entire trip from Counts Point. 17km. We'll then drive to our new accommodation at Glen Helen Resort. Accommodation: Glen Helen Homestead (B, L, D)

Day 5

Today starts at 2:30am! Yes, we'll be on the trail at 3:30am to make the long ascent of Mt Sonder to watch the pre-dawn and morning sunrise. Dress warm for this hike which can get extremely cold prior to the sun coming up. We'll then make the careful return journey back down and back to Glen Helen for lunch and maybe an afternoon nap! 16km. Accommodation: Glen Helen (B, L, D)

Day 6

We'll get up at a more reasonable time today, however we also have an option for faster walkers to have their biggest day with more than 20km of trail. We'll start with a 9km medium rated circuit of Ormiston Gorge which is fantastic circuit walk, and one of our favourites. You can then head back to Glen Helen via vehicle or walk the 12km of trail all the way back! 9/21km Accommodation: Glen Helen (B, L, D)

Day 7

We finally have an easy day with a pack up and drive to the Ochre Pits to view this wonderful heritage site, then to Ellery Big Hole for a lovely last lunch before we get back to Alice Springs or straight to the Airport to return home, and ready to book the next adventure :) (B)



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Start: June 14, 2023 3:00 pm
End: June 20, 2023 3:00 pm
Members Price: $3695.00

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Secure your spot with a non refundable deposit, and have the remainder payment be automatically split over additional payments. See here for our payment plan details terms and conditions


This is one of our most common questions, and our recommendation is that for most of our day walks you should wear your most comfortable footwear. Don’t wear your old hiking boots from 20 years ago, and don’t wear thongs or sandals. Bottom line is your runners are probably the best choice unless you have some comfortable hiking shoes or trail runners. In some circumstances you may want footwear with better grip than runners, particularly for muddy winter walks. If you are still in doubt, bring along both pairs and get our guides recommendation on the day.

All our trips include our awesome TSA guides, accommodation, all your meals, beverages, access, permits, and all extras such as gear, activites, climbs, rafting, caving or any of the other exciting activities that appears on our tours. There is never any more to pay, unless you want to buy your own things like a coffee, souvenirs etc.

As with all of our events, our trips vary in length and difficulty. We suggest you look at the grading provided and have a browse through the itinerary distances. If you can walk 20km day after day then you’ll be fine for the Larapinta Trek, or you may be more suited to wandering around the Bay of Fires and more leisurely beach walking. Remember that you will have weeks to months to build up your fitness before the trip – which we can help with! If still in doubt, give us a call

We always want to keep you safe and have developed a Covid safety plan for the trail. Check it out HERE



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Hiking Footwear Buying Guide

One of the common questions we get asked is "what pair of hiking shoes should I wear to come to join you?". The first thing we say is "always wear something that is comfortable". So if it is your first day hiking and it's a grade two or three hike you are better off wearing your runners than you are buying a pair of hiking shoes or boots specifically for that event.

Hiking Boots or Shoes?

Close your eyes and think of a traditional image of a hiker, are you seeing someone with a pair of Scarpa boots, a big pack, and all the gear?

Tripping in the snow

Not all that long ago, if you had suggested I go camping in the snow I would have laughed at you. Then the snow started falling early in our snow season, the bookings started rolling in and it looked like TSA would need more than two guides on their Mt Stirling snow hikes


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French Island Overnight

Start: August 20, 2022 9:00 am
End: August 21, 2022 3:00 pm
Grade: 2
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Bellarine Peninsula – Short Hike

Start: August 20, 2022 9:00 am
End: August 20, 2022 1:00 pm
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Dodds Track Fitness

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Most of the people that come on our tours come by themselves. Our community is built on friendships that have been made on our trips, experiencing something life changing together, the shared memories and also goals to do more in the future! We encourage people not to be anxious about coming on these trips by yourself as we promise you will leave with some like minded friends and be really glad you made the decision to get out of your comfort zone and join in.


Our community is our backbone. We have had so many people start with no hiking experience, basic fitness and not knowing anyone on our trips. These same people have gone on to do some incredible multi day hiking trips with us and their friends they have met in our community. Witnessing the development of their fitness, confidence, experience, friendships and happiness is why we do what we do. Come join us and let us help you get from the couch to the top of the mountain!


Experiences, not things. The moments that take your breath away. The feeling of accomplishment and the realisation that you are capable of so much more than what you thought. The views that blow your mind and the ticking off of bucket list items. We take all the hard work out of it for you. We organise the lot so you can just turn up and get the best of your experience without all the headaches of organising/logistics. We make it easy for you to do all the thing you want to do –  you just need to turn up and be ready to jump into life!

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