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Quarry Hills - Short Hike







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Come and explore Quarry Hills trail along the urban boundary of South Morung. This undulating trail rewards your efforts with across Melbourne. Right on the urban boundary, look out across suburbs towards the city, or gaze out across paddocks towards the hills to Kinglake. A wide gravel surface means you can stride out this morning on the looooong sloping uphill.

Our short hikes are usually around or less than 10km and graded 2, 3 or 4. They are a great way to gain confidence, meet like minded people and start a journey of hiking. The best part about our short hikes is when you become a TSA member you get one of these hikes FREE every month! Check out our MEMBERSHIP page, and get motivated, add accountability and improve mind and body with some adventure time in nature.

Upcoming Dates

No hassle, no stress

Itinerary, accommodation, food...TSA has it covered! Join us on this adventure without the stress of organisation so you can focus on getting the most out of your trip.

Expert guidance

Highly trained and experienced tour guides who bring the adventures to life. Our guides are remote first-aid trained and carry powerful UHF radios, PLBs, and first-aid kits.

Great community

Create long-lasting connections and friendships with like-minded people. Our community is one of the largest hiking communities in Australia and we're growing every year!

Hiking and scenery

Experience the best wildlife, scenery, and trails around the world. We take you on the paths less travelled to create unforgettable memories.

What's Included

  • Some light snacks are provided
  • Great walking and fitness improvement
  • Experienced Trainers and Guides
  • First Aid Support
  • Our wonderful TSA enthusiasm!


As this is a short hike we do not provide lunch. We do provide some light snacks to fuel you along the trail. This could be orange slices, protein balls, lemon slice or lollies. Please bring your own water.

Where we're going

Quarry Hills Park, Gravlier Way, South Morang VIC 3752

If gate is closed, park on the street. No toilets.

What our adventurers have said

A happy hikers testimonial coming soon :)


Upcoming Dates

Quarry Hills – Short Hike

Start: September 1, 2024 9:00 am

End: September 1, 2024 12:00 pm

Price: $74AUD

Members Price: $65

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