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Hiking Bandana

Our Take Shape Adventures Bandana is a lightweight, all in one solution for management of the elements. This item features the Take Shape Adventures logo and a cool design. This is a must have! Sun, wind, rain, first aid, handkerchief, hairband – use it for everything (but not in that order) 🙂

Every hikers essential gear and the fabric is nice and soft so it feels good to wear.

Key Features Of The Take Shape Adventures Buff:
It’s got our logo on it of course!
Soft Fabric
Stretchy material.


Testament to it’s awesomeness that I never go on a hike without it. From wrapping my bleeding hand, keeping the sun off my delicate skin, wiping the sweat out of my eyes when chasing down fast clients, wiping the sand off my toes after a river crossing, keeping my head warm when it pokes out of my sleeping bag, cleaning my sunnies and so many other uses. If I could choose just one thing to wear on a hike…yep, this would be it 😉
Adrian – Director TSA.


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