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In The Bag Workshop

Most (if not all) of us are guilty of trying to put a bit too much in our bags when we go for an adventure. It’s a slippery slope from just an extra pair of socks to packing the whole kitchen sink! Unfortunately, this is all weight you have to carry if you’re bringing it all on a multi-day hike and you ideally want as little as possible.
If this sounds like you, then join us in our new online workshop – the In the Bag workshop. Run by our director Adrian, this workshop covers all the essential topics you need to know to efficiently pack a hiking bag to optimise it for carrying on a hike, plus how to choose the right pack for you and wear it properly.
So if you want to have more confidence in your gear and more security on your hikes, sign up TODAY for the In the Bag Workshop and together we can unpack the art of packing!


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