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Workshop – Making Positive Change Last

Struggle to stick to goals? Lack of willpower? Want to make healthier changes and make them last, but not sure how

Join us to learn how to find your true motivation and set positive goals with intention! 

We’ve all heard that we should be setting goals in our lives to live a fuller, more purposeful existence, but why? And how do we do this without the feeling that we keep failing?  Many of the goals people set for themselves are fuelled by fear, dissatisfaction, or a scarcity mindset, making people want quick, easy fixes to goals that often require more willpower than is possible, so they give up. We know the classic story that New Year’s resolutions only last for a few weeks (or days… or hours…), so why don’t we change anything?

In this workshop, we’ll work on finding our ‘why’ and ‘motivation’ what positively motivates us, instead of not trying, self loathing and or creating goals out of fear or scarcity. You’ll also be given some invaluable techniques on how to choose and work towards goals in a way that is achievable and intentional. By doing this, you can improve your sense of achievement, contentness, and intrinsic self-worth. This is not another quick fix goal setting workshop where we tell you the fastest way to achieve 10 monumental goals and then go back to your previous behaviours, this is a workshop where we create positive, consistent change that will last a lifetime.


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