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The Unknown Secret to Being More Productive

Have you ever thought about how different you feel when you’re in nature, compared to when you’re at work in an office – or whatever type of space is relevant to you? As someone who is most familiar with an office, I know it can sometimes feel stifling, closed in, and uninspiring. I reckon this can affect my work more than I realise. But when I’m out in nature, the sun’s shining, birds are chirping, I feel like a million bucks! But did you know that beyond the sheer joy of outdoor escapades, there’s some serious science behind how nature and adventure can supercharge your productivity? Keep reading to learn about the positive psychology concept of Flow, and how getting outdoors can get you in the zone like never before!

So what even is Flow anyway? You may have heard it being thrown around by someone saying, “Sorry, don’t interrupt! I’m in flow right now” when they’re working, but is it actually a scientific term in positive psychology. In the realm of positive psychology, Flow is like the holy grail of mental states. It’s that feeling when you’re so totally immersed in what you’re doing that everything else fades away. Time flies, creativity soars, and you’re just riding the wave of pure productivity bliss – without it feeling like a drudge to get through. Another term you may be more familiar with is being “in the zone”, which is comparable to being in a Flow state.

Now, let’s throw nature and adventure into the mix. For starters, just being surrounded by greenery and fresh air does wonders for your brain. Studies have shown that spending time in nature can reduce stress, boost creativity, and improve cognitive function – all things that are excellent at increasing productivity. Often when we get outside, we’re also reducing the number of distractions that constantly surround us at work or at home – digital notifications, kids and partners asking questions, little chores that keep us busy, the list goes on! Once these distractions are removed, our brains have a chance to clear and think about new ideas, helping us become more creative and innovative.

Take it a step further; instead of just getting into nature, try an adventure or other physical activity in nature! The movement gets your blood moving all over your body (including your brain!), releases feel-good endorphins that improve your mood, and improves your cognitive abilities. So where you may feel stuck on a task when sitting at your desk, getting into some movement in the outdoors may help to unlock new ideas and potential solutions to problems in the workplace.

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Beyond the actual benefits you feel during an adventure or directly while you’re outdoors, you can take the soft skills learned in adventures and apply them to work scenarios to increase time spent in a Flow state. If you aren’t aware, soft skills are transferable skills that are useful in every work environment, such as teamwork, problem solving, and innovation. Funnily enough, you learn all of these skills on adventures! If something goes wrong, you need to figure out how to adapt, come up with a new solution, and potentially help the rest of your team in getting through the challenge. As you develop your ability to problem-solve and adapt on the trail, you’ll develop these same skills in the workplace.

Now that we know all about how nature and adventure can help you get in the zone, I wanted to share a few tips to get you started and maximise your benefits from adventure:

1. Unplug! Leave your gadgets behind and fully immerse yourself in whatever outdoor experience you have chosen. Trust me, those emails can wait for a little bit – especially when that time in nature can make your replies that much better!

2. Set clear goals. No matter what adventure you’re planning, it’s important to set clear objectives. Having a goal to work towards will keep you motivated and focussed along the way. Plus, goal setting is another great skill to learn alongside the ability to get into a Flow state.

3. Embrace big challenges. Don’t shy away from the tough stuff – embrace it! Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is where the real magic happens, and being comfortable with discomfort is excellent for when you’re in high stress situations outside of adventure.

4. Practise a bit of mindfulness. Take a moment to pause, breathe, and soak in your surroundings. Mindfulness can help quiet your mind and bring you into the present moment, making it easier to slip into that sweet Flow state. But remember you can be mindful whilst still being active!

5. Celebrate your achievements. Whether you stick to your goal of a quick daily walk or manage to conquer a challenging mountain, make sure you take a moment to celebrate your victories. Acknowledging your progress will fuel your motivation for future adventures, helping you continue in progressing your skills and getting more time in that fantastic Flow state.

So there you have it, the secret to supercharging your productivity with nature and adventure. By tapping into the power of Flow, you can turn every outdoor experience into an opportunity to clear your mind and learn new skills that can be applied to many aspects of your life, not just adventure. So whether you just head on a walk every day or embark on some bigger adventures a few times a year, get ready to make your body and brain feel amazing and productive!


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