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We are not just a hiking company. We are not just a fitness company. We are not just qualified guides, personal trainers and nutritionists- but we are all of those things as well. Take Shape inspires and supports you to get moving through diverse outdoor adventures and nutrition advice, supported by a courageous community of people just like you! We want to get you off the couch and climbing YOUR mountain, whatever it might be.


The minute you step onto the path you will become a part of a group of people who, just like you, have wanted to try something new, fun, and healthy.


They all have the same concerns when they started:


  • Is this going to be weird – who are the other hikers?
  • Am I fit enough?
  • Do I have enough experience?


By the end of your first walk we guarantee you will have made new friends and found a new confidence in yourself.


Your endorphins will keep you going for days!




Our community love the fun, energetic and positive encouraging atmosphere. We even practice mindful techniques along the trails to ensure you get the most from your experience in nature. No pressure to talk!


No one is left behind, made to feel bad, or turned away from an adventure.


Our number one priority is your experience.


Simply enjoy the company of others. Treat meal times as a bonding experience. Take the time to laugh, chat and share experiences.

This is the Take Shape Adventures community and spirit.


What Else?
We are a fully insured, registered Licensed Tour Operators. 

All our staff are remote first aid trained, so you can always trust us, and feel safe with us. 

Our number one priority is the safety, comfort, and experience of each and every participant. 

We encourage an open channel of communication and want everyone to feel comfortable chatting to us if ever they have a concern.

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