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Join Our Lockdown 5.0
7-Day Virtual Hiker

Get ready to step up to the challenge, motivate and keep each other connected.

Feeling blah, unmotivated and a little over lockdowns?

Tired of baking bread and cleaning closets?

Want to stay motivated but it’s just too hard?

Missing your fitness and your hiking buddies?


Here at TSA we are feeling the same. It sure has been a tough 18 months and we are feeling it too. Therefore we have come up with a plan to get us all a little more motivated, help us feel a little more connected and have something fun to do.

  • Daily inspiration and Goals to achieve 
  • $25 anyone can play
  • Free to our Inspire and Connect Members
    (become a member HERE)
  • Daily prizes 

Starts Sunday July 25th.

How does it work?

Each day we will post a Virtual Hike


You head out and hike around your area and we’ll give you some elements from one of our missed adventures that you need to try and replicate. Then simply grab a photo to show how you’ve managed to copy what the adventure represents. 


  • We’ll provide a summary of the 7 trips we’ll be using, from the decadence of a Gin Hike to the mighty rocky hills of the Larapinta Trail.
  • Each morning at 6am we will post that day’s challenge which replicates part of a postponed adventure.
  • You have the rest of the day to head outside and meet the challenge to the best of your ability.
  • During your challenge, simply take a photo showing everyone your efforts.
  • Head home, rest up and get ready for the next day!  


Only $25 to join! Yes you can play along without paying (we appreciate some of you are like us doing it pretty tough too), but as we all know the paying is the commitiming also means we get to have better daily prizes. 




Join our Facebook Community Group for more details! 

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